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Slow Down, Stuff, Popeye

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

I am just finishing up drawing Fir Valley chapter 4. About a quarter of the way through the book! I am on track to have chapters two to four printed up for TCAF (May 14 – 15). I am having so much fun drawing this book. I am looking forward to a vehicle in chapter six. Here is the cover of the second collection. Also, an exciting announcement: Cloudscape is going to publishing the book later this year!

Fir Valley 02

Slow Down
I live in a pretty busy neighbourhood, and the traffic can get pretty intense. People getting crazy over parking and turning and busy intersections. I have seen the aftermath of a lot of accidents, and witnessed a couple since moving here a year ago.
So, as I’m walking around the neighbourhood I constantly see people driving, agitated and impatient. Going TOO FAST for a residential neighbourhood. And I think at them “SLOW DOWN”.
In the past months since I have not been working, I have had the decadent opportunity to slow down. If I go for a walk, I am not in a rush. I don’t necessarily take the most direct route. When Manien and I are poking around the neighbourhood, we just stop to enjoy any interesting things we see.
And so I think people need to slow down. When they are in such a rush I always think “The only thing you are rushing to is… the grave.” Slow down. Enjoy this while you’re here. Appreciate where you are. Notice as things change with the seasons. Have a leisurely meal. Enjoy the leaves sprouting, the tidal levels changing.

A friend is moving and posted online about moving, struggling with what to get rid of. During our move last year, I got rid of a lot of stuff, but I still have a lot of stuff. My family in general has problems with getting rid of stuff. Recently I have considered that I might be more open to getting rid of more, if I am moving again. And that made me think that we get so attached to all our STUFF. It is nice, things that remind us of our past. But we hold on so tight. And not just our physical stuff but our history and grudges and so on. We don’t let stuff go. We should. We should let go of it all.

That said, I was watching Popeye again the other day. When I was ten years old, I became obsessed with the movie well before it came out. During this viewing, Manien was heard to ask what got me so obsessed with it. As far as I can recall, it was a short news item in Electric Company magazine. I was a big fan of Mork and Mindy at the time, and so the idea of Robin Williams starring in a comic based movie was quite exciting to me, even if I had no notion of Popeye at that time.
I got the soundtrack album. I got the photo book. I got the making of Popeye book. A book about the history of Popeye. I drew my own comic about a sailor named Norm, which was basically just me paraphrasing a comic from the photo book. Sadly many of these artifacts have been lost to time.
When the movie finally came out, it did not even come to the city where I was living. I had to drag my family to the next town over, where we saw a matinee in a tiny multiplex theatre with two other people in the theatre. I wasn’t even sure what to make of it, finally seeing the peculiar Robert Altman picture.
Over time my love of it has only deepened though. The first movie I ever got on DVD, purchased along with Punchdrunk Love the day it came out on DVD. I can watch it endlessly, singing along. Almost in tears because it makes me so happy.

Lynn Canyon

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

I was looking for something to draw while I listened to this great You Made It Weird podcast with Raghu Markus and Duncan Trussel. Hm, I wonder where some characters end up in the next chapter of Fir Valley?

Lynne Canyon

Hourly Comic Day 2015

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Hourly Comic Day 2015 330am
Hourly Comic Day 2015 420am
Hourly Comic Day 2015 645am
Hourly Comic Day 2015 845am
Hourly Comic Day 2015 1021am
Hourly Comic Day 2015 1120am
Hourly Comic Day 2015 1205pm
Hourly Comic Day 2015 130pm
Hourly Comic Day 2015 200pm
Hourly Comic Day 2015 226pm
Hourly Comic Day 2015 318pm
Hourly Comic Day 2015 444pm
Hourly Comic Day 2015 536pm
Hourly Comic Day 2015 634pm
Hourly Comic Day 2015 730pm
Hourly Comic Day 2015 840pm
Hourly Comic Day 2015 948pm
Hourly Comic Day 2015 1020pm

Been a While

Monday, November 10th, 2014

If you are a new visitor, coming over from Savage Chickens, hello! There are pages up there at the top where you can find plenty of my comics online to read for free. Also a store, where you can buy things.

You ever just want to stop using computers I have been experiencing technical difficulties. The new book was tantalizingly close to being ready to print, and it drifted further and further from getting done. Hopefully soon. Here is the cover as it currently stands.

If you aren’t one following me on Instagram (vinegar22), you may not have seen this thing I did the past couple of years. Every time I was walking up past the library at night, I would take a picture of this van that always sat in one corner of a parking lot, dramatically lit by the street lamp.

Then in September there was a notice saying the parking lot was closing October 1! And indeed on October 1, the van was gone. Discussing this with cartoonist friends, we thought some sort of commemoration of the van was in order. So I have started doing drawings from the van photos, as the Van Project. If anyone else is inspired to make art inspired by the van, please feel free to join in. The van photos can be found here.

While I have been struggling through my technical difficulties, one thing I did to sooth my aggravated soul was more North Van house drawings from Google Streetview. Here are a few of them.

Hourly Comic Day 2014

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

Hourly comic day!

The book that I periodically quote from, Free to Learn, is quite interesting. It puts forth the notion that children learn through playing and that the way our schools are structures works directly against kids natural instinct to learn and figure things out. You can read an article that gives the gist of it here.

My comics from last year.
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You can read 2010 here. 2009 here. 2008 here. 2007 here. Wow, even way back to 2006 here.

Butterfly World

Friday, July 19th, 2013

I am tired and wish that it was Friday. Oh, but then it wouldn’t be Thursday and there wouldn’t be a new True Loves 3!

Apparently I haven’t drawn much this week. All I have is this attempt to imagine how a butterfly experiences the world.


Hourly Comic Day

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

It snuck up on me, but luckily the internet reminded me about Hourly Comic Day. Always adds some fun to an otherwise unremarkable day. Or are they all remarkable?

Me Wilder Mann

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Halloween comes and goes. I didn’t get up to too much more than getting together my costume to wear at the dayjob. It turns out wearing a fur suit makes one quite warm. My costume was inspired by those Wilder Mann photos I was drawing early in October. My costume confused people all day long!

Me Wilder Mann 1

Me Wilder Mann 2

Me Wilder Mann 3

My department decided on a theme of “Scary Forest” (downgraded from the more evocative Haunted Forest). The decor included trees made from cut up brown paper bags, and a whole pile of branches from my back yard. It looked better in person, of course.

Scary Forest

Jazz Chickadee

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Jazz Chickadee

My Old Jacket

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Manien has been on a run of going through old boxes and was inspired Saturday to tackle the legendary box labelled “Crap from our Trip” and she got me to look at a box labelled “Jason Kitchen.” Neither of these boxes had been opened for oh ten years or more. As well as old kitchen stuff, my box contained some comic pages I had been looking for, and this old jacket I had been wanting to dig out.

Back in late high school/university days I kept adding and adding mostly comic oriented stuff to this white jacket I wasn’t that crazy about.
My Old Jacket

On the front…
1. I am not sure what those trees were about, to be honest
2. LoN. League of the New, a superhero group I made as a kid and kept returning to for role-playing games and a FULLY PAINTED dark and gritty comic inspired by the Dark Knight Returns.
3. I loved throwing crosses on stuff. How edgy of me! J t! So bad! And an alpha/omega.
4. Background for the first panel of the Watchmen, where I pinned my Watchmen smiley face button.
5. Boot to the Head – referring to the Four on the Floor TV show. Hell Toupee was something from Eddy Current…

My Old Jacket - Back

6. I had another jacket that I covered about a third of the sleeve with pop can tabs. I would keep my eye open for them on the ground when I walked around.
7. Dishman! by John MacLeod
8. I AM HE AS YOU ARE HE AS YOU ARE ME AND WE ARE ALL TOGETHER from a Beatles song and this graphic from Rick Veitch‘s “The One” comic.
9. Eddy Current by Ted McKeever was a big influence on me.
10. Dark Knight style bats

My Old Jacket - Right Sleeve

11. Men Without Hats forever!
12. I was quite into Matt Wagner‘s first “Mage: The Hero Discovered”
13. Go Canada!
14. Also Matt “Wagner’s Grendel”