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Fir Valley Spring

Sunday, May 1st, 2016

Very exciting, I have chapters 2 – 4 of Fir Valley printed up, just in time for me to head to Ontario for visits and TCAF. Check that out! Also I found a nice rusty horseshoe at a local antique shop (Bakers Dozen, which has great window displays).

Fir Valley Chapter 2 - 4

ALSO exciting is that I have a backup story in Ed Brisson’s “The Violent” from Image Comics that comes out May 4. It is a full colour five pager that ties into Fir Valley.

The Violent #4

Here is a song by I’m from Barcelona. Violins (or Violence?)

Leap Day

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Happy Leap Day! Manien and I are having kangaroo burgers for dinner.

I am just finishing up Fir Valley chapter three, so that is coming along. I am planning to print up the next chunk for TCAF and VanCAF in May. Here is a page I was pretty happy with.

Fir Valley page 28

The other day I drew some of mud flats shanty shacks from North Van, back in the day. It is possible there is a similar settlement coming up in Fir Valley.

North Vancouver Shack

Here is a small comic about a recent ferry ride.


I was watching a documentary about the Talking Heads from 1979. So young, so post-artschool. I tried to draw them, but was only happy with the way Jerry came out.

Talking Heads 1979

The past few years I have made a new music mix in the spring. This one ended up merging with an idea I had to do a Leap Year themed mix with all jumping/leaping songs. I found there were only a handful of songs with “jump” in the title that I actually knew. Manien and I were enjoying the new OK Go video, which led to us enjoying some of their classics, so they got thrown into the spring mix as well.

Sunrise Walks

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

I am reading this book by Geoff Dyer Zona: A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room which is his appreciation of the classic movie Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker. I saw this movie around 1997 and recalling it vividly brings back the setting I viewed it in: My friend Stu’s living room. Probably it was a grey Sunday afternoon, still hung over from our excesses the night before. Stu’s place was generally a filthy mess, with dirty cat hair covered clothes on the floor, every surface covered with dirty dishes, empties, overflowing ashtrays. Actually it was a perfect set and setting to watch a long dream-like movie with characters moving through ruined buildings.

Oh, happy New Year. Look at us, here in 2016. I have been on a little break from working on Fir Valley while I draw a short story. The short story is actually Fir Valley related. Here is a drawing from it.

Minor Infractions

In the late December Lull, I was chilling a bit, doing some drawing, and trying to figure out landscapes, and space, so I was back to drawing North Vancouver houses.

North Vancouver 27

North Vancouver 28

And a run down corner of Krugersdorp in South Africa.

Krugersdorp 02

Some days when Manien works, we get up at 5am. If I am particularly inspired, I get myself out the door for an early walk such that I will be out when the sun comes up. And it is like this video.

I was out for a Sunrise Walk this morning. I was trying to remember this song by Le Tigre.

Through a couple of brain steps, I then had this Beck song going for a while.

Somehow that worked its way over to this Wintersleep song.

I also had Hang on to Your Ego in my head for a while.

The Great Beyond

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

In a year that has been change change change, the past month has provided me yet another change. Stuff happened and I decided it was time to leave the dayjob I have had for the past 7 years. It had been a while coming and it just seemed to be the time. This was the longest I had ever been at one job.

The world beyond the 9 to 5 life I had been living for 7 years is strange. Suddenly the days stretch out with endless possibility, rather than hoping to squeeze in a tired hour of drawing after a day at the dayjob. Now I can go on a good walk every day, and there is still lots of time for other stuff. Today Manien and I were trying to figure out what day it was, as her job is not a Monday to Friday gig. Is.. is this a weekday?

So yeah, anyways, 2015. Year of Change!

I spent the past week putting together a comic for an interesting project through Cloudscape Comics. They are having a bunch of artists do comics that are going to be put up in bus shelters, so gigantic 5′ tall poster comics. Someone dropped out at the end of May, and since I just happened to suddenly have lots of time on my hands I was able to jump in and be part of the project. It felt great to get drawing and colouring again. Here is a panel, if… instagram displays properly.

A photo posted by Vinegar22 (@vinegar22) on

Here is a song I was enjoying earlier today, as I strolled around the hood.

Here is a comic that I was doing on the seabus on my way to and from work each day. I was drawing it quickly, making it up as I went. Hm, look, themes of a new job and change… As well as barf and poo.








Flying Down to Fir Valley

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

I had an unusually busy month. When I finally had a quiet weekend I just needed to decompress. Then last weekend was the first time Manien and I had so much as a day together in weeks. We went to the farmers market and put together a new barbecue. And then I went off to the comic jam.

What is with this hot dry summer, Vancouver? Usually everything isn’t brown and dried out like this until late July or August. Vancouver being what it is everyone just raves about the great weather. You know we need rain, right people?

Yesterday I finally started drawing my next big comic project Fir Valley. It feels good to finally get going on it, as I am seeing thoughts on it in sketchbooks from way back in 2005 or something. The June part of my sketchbook is full of pages and pages of me writing notes for it. I need a database or something.

Since I have a little commute now that we moved, I try to do some drawing or story thinking on the 15 minute seabus ride coming and going from the dayjob. As I say, a lot of it has been Fir Valley thoughts. But also just things like this that I can draw away at for 15 minutes.


Mega-j at the Edge

Or something like this where I drew it on the seabus and then coloured it at home.

Mega-j and Ultra-j Plants and Stars

And I polished off my 2015 summer mix titled A New Song for a New World. Here are a couple of songs off it.

Okay I just wanted to put them all on, but couldn’t find good versions of all the songs. That last Peter Tosh song I put on a pumped up remastered version from the special too many songs edition of Mystic Man.

New Sketchbook

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

I felt like I haven’t been drawing at all, but hey look I just started this sketchbook a week ago and I already have a few drawings. And tonight I pencilled four pages! This is the first comicking I have done (except for Hourly Comic Day) in way too long. So that felt good.

The first page in a sketchbook is always tricky. I went with a Mega-j.


I have been enjoying drawing stuff in pencil, for the first time in… years? But it is doesn’t scan as well. I ran into the 7-11 Gnome last week, when Manien and I were staying in a hotel for a couple of days. Yeah, a lot going on. Maybe I will draw comics about it.


I was trying to draw some people I saw when I was out walking. Pencil again.

A Woman and a Wizard

I have been feeling like drawing the tiny astronaut again. I drew these listening to this great WTF chat with Paul Thomas Anderson. He is so great.

Astronaut - Mega-j

Astronaut - Fire

I just came across this guy tonight, Daughn Gibson. It is a pretty cool sound. I know nothing about him, but he’s on Sub Pop, so he’s gotta be okay right? Is Sub Pop still a stamp of quality?

Transitional Modes

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

I have been going through a lot of boxes of old stuff. Oh look, it is my receipts from my Queen Street bachelor apartment from 1996. $425 per month. At that time I made $800 per month, working 3 nights a week at Shoppers Drug Mart. Paid $100 per month on my student loan. Yet I went to movies, I hung out with friends, I went out dancing at least a couple of times a week. Different times.

This morning I got lost reading old diaries. Whew, angst much early 20s Jason? He replies angst much, 40s Jason?

Years ago, late 90s I guess, I did this big painting, in four different “states”. It was huge, and I thought maybe if I just cut out a piece from each state, maybe I could find a nice way to display them. This did not occur. So I will commemorate them here.

Four States

I just burned my spring music mix for this year “Springing Into Action”. It is kind of a funny assortment of the bands that have been on every one of my mixes for the past year (Future Islands, Frightened Rabbit, Edward Sharp) and oldies like Tubthumping, Tesla Girls and some songs from the Robert Altman Popeye. Here is a song I only discovered recently that went on the mix.

Music of 2014

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

As I said, the music I was listening to in the spring already seems like ancient history. But a few bands kept cropping up in the mixed cds I made (An Early Blossoming, A Summer Survivor, This Birthday’s on Fire). I have no idea when any of this stuff is from, it is just stuff I’ve been enjoying this year. So here are a few.

I found myself really intrigued whenever songs from Grizzly Bear’s “Shields” album came up on my itunes. Here they are doing a song live.

I was all about the Future Islands, all year. I came across their song Tin Man and got a few of their albums and they have not left the phone since. Here is another good one.

I guess I heard first heard Father John Misty on the Duncan Trussel Family Hour. His “Fear Fun” was another that just stayed on my phone all year. Gosh his videos are kind of freaky.

Frightened Rabbits “Pedestrian Verse” didn’t quite grab me immediately as “The Winter of Mixed Drinks” but gradually it grew on me. Also there was a great conversation the singer Scott Hutchison on You Made it Weird.

I read something about Ben Lee’s “Ayahuasca: Welcome to the Work” somewhere, got intrigued, and really dig it.

I came across Adam Green and Binki Shapiro somewhere. Probably Accuradio. And I like their album. One of these things I know nothing about, but I like how it sounds like something out of the 60s or something.

A band I became fairly fixated on late in the year are the Echo Friendly. I seem to be enjoying groups with a male and female singer this year. I worried that I cursed myself by putting this song first on my birthday cd.

I watched a documentary on Bob Marley that was really well done and that got me listening to old ska and the first few Wailers albums and some Peter Tosh beyond Bush Doctor.

Okay one more. Matt and Kim’s “Lightning” album. I kept thinking I was tired of it, but the songs kept popping up and making me happy.

I Gotta Walk

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

I came across a link to this Michael Moore thing on bookface. How he started walking every day and feels better. Not walking for a cause, not walking to lose weight. Walking because it makes him feel better. Because walking is free and awesome.

If you have been reading my comics for long you probably know I love walking. I don’t have a car. I actually don’t know how to drive. I just love how walking let’s you actually see what is going on around you. If you walk the same area you see things change and grow. You see the other people who walk. So there, I encourage you to get out and walk. Not to go anywhere in particular. Not for exercise. Just for the joy of being in the world. I should talk, I don’t just walk nearly enough these days! But I do walk at least an hour a day coming and going from work.

Fun aside: Werner Herzog calls it “travelling by foot”.

And this all reminds me of the ecstatic revelation Duncan Trussel had this year when he got a bike. It changed his life, opened his eyes to the joy and freedom of riding a bike. Another thing that you can do and explore and see your surroundings without having to pay

Here is comic I drew about my walk home today.


And here are some thematically appropriate videos. I suspect I have shared these before, oh well.

Nick of the Cave

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

I guess I haven’t been updating here lately. Mostly I have been working on my comic “The Adulation” and don’t feel like posting it online right now. But look, comic pages are gradually being produced!


I recently had a lovely offer to go see Nick Cave next week, so I am going to be looking forward to that. He always puts on a great show. It just happened that I was drawing him on the first page of the Adulation right around then.


And I to warm up, I was drawing ol’ Nick from his performance on Letterman in the 90s.


Oh also, Farm School is on Comixology. Check out this nice review of it! And then go buy it.