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The Finish Line

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

You can read the latest installment of True Loves 3 here. In the meanwhile this happened.

True Loves 3 Fin

Yes, I finished True Loves. It was hard to believe it was done. There was still all the scanning and so on to do, and that ended up taking quite a while. When THAT was all done, I was in a daze, feeling strange and a bit lost for several days. It still feels strange. We started the first book way back in late 2000, so that is quite a long project to be concluding!

Did I mention I finally got a cell phone recently? So now I take photos when I’m ambling around my little section of North Van. Things like this, so I can torment my friends and relatives in the rest of Canada the past couple of weeks.

Pink Snow

Lonsdale Flowers

Things like this art installation.

Log Installation

Or if I’m out walking at night, I get fascinated by pockets of light.

Night Walk


And look, a rainbow.


I had a sudden urge to draw another of these tonight. Mega-j, about to enter the bright light.

Mega-j and the Tiny Astronaut 8

And finally I watched this great video of Nick Cave at the Coachella Festival. It does a pretty good job of capturing how incredible he is in concert. It gave me goosebumps, and made me kick myself for not making an effort to see his most recent show here.


Friday, April 5th, 2013

New True Loves 3 is up. I am currently inking page 116 of 120. Holy smokes! So close!

The rain has returned after being away for over a week. I am okay with that, all the bursting plants needed some water. Vancouver has been looking insanely beautiful. Everyone is instagramming the heck out of all the blossoms. It is hard not to, they are so lovely.


Sometimes when I wake in the night, I have super energetic music in my head, and that doesn’t bode well for me falling back to sleep. Earlier in the week, to ensure my brain wasn’t too rambunctious I was singing this Rolling Stones song. It was quite soothing.

Big Talk

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

The big finale of the Big Talk in True Loves 3.

On the weekend I was at the comic jam and a couple of people expressed distress at where things were going in True Loves 3, and that was nice to hear. That people are following along and care what happens in it. Because I get very little feedback on it, beyond the occasional facebook LIKE or retweet on Twitter or tumblr reblog. Those are great, but I guess they suggest a general support for the comic, rather than responding to anything specific in it. INTERNET.

Speaking of the Vancouver Comic Jam, it was a pretty epic one. Good fun, great energy, new people, old people, ridiculous running gags. Good times. See the huge pile of comics produced here. Advisory: There Will Be Humping.

VCJ March 2013

Here is a song I have been enjoying recently.

It makes me think of this song.

And here is Sigur Ros playing the song that was stuck in my head at all night. My brain was not in a calm sleepy place.

The Big Scene

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

True Loves 3 is getting into a pivotal scene. I think I forgot to post an update here last week, so click that link and get a double dose.

I am drawing page 107 right now. This weekend Manien and I are planning to do some writing. Which will take us to THE END of True Loves. Crazy.

Here is my unusually tidy drawing area.

Unusually Tidy

All the clutter was just shifted to the other end, on top of the scanner and printer.

There's the Mess

In other news, it is getting quite springlike here in Vancouver. The garlic is poking up!

Garlic Rising

This video is pretty awesome.

And this one too.

Valentine It

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day. Every year I think I should do some kind of True Loves Valentine’s contest or something, and every year I just manage to get my act together for Manien’s birthday the week before, and suddenly Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Anyways, here is a highly romantic installment of True Loves 3. In other TL3 news, Manien and I did some writing on Monday, and got up to page 109 of 120ish. The end is near!

Manien and I have traditionally not done anything much for Valentine’s Day. Maybe use it as an excuse to buy some champagne, like this year. As I was heard to say earlier “IN MY HOUSE WE DROP LOVE EVERY SINGLE DAY!!” Also, we just last month celebrated 16 danged years together.

I’m having a surprising amount of trouble finding some love songs to post. My heart on fire.

Oh hey, how about a bit of the Blues Brothers? Watching this movie recently, I wondered how much influence their dancing had on my dance stylings when they eventually emerged.

Manien’s suggestion.

And why not some Nick Cave?

Jason and the Comics

Friday, February 8th, 2013

There is a new True Loves 3 up. There is talk of spinach and I somehow didn’t make a Popeye joke! How did I let that happen?

Did you know I do a column for Broken Pencil magazine? It is a column about comics in comic form called Jason and the Comics. Here is an excerpt from the latest column.

Jason and the Comics 18

Here is a song that made me very happy last weekend. I like the song better than the video, actually.

The Drains

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

New True Loves 3. We are now in an unusual state where I have drawn well ahead of where the online comic is at. I am really trying to motor on this. For a moment when I checked the post this morning I was confused as to whether that was the right comic up or not. Wait have coming events happened yet?

My comic Farm School from Retrofit is still up for pre-order. I was thinking how this band A Silver Mount Zion was somehow integral to the initial mood that informed the story.

Here is a drawing my cousin found in an old scrapbook. I did it around 1981 when I was deep in my obsession with the Robert Altman Popeye movie. Then I did a quick drawing to see if I remembered how to draw Olive Oyl.

Olive 1981

Olive 2013

Last weekend in the night someone took the caps off two drains beside our house. Manien and I pondered why someone would do this. I had my suspicions…


As Farm School is about to be released, and I close in on the end of True Loves 3, I try not to get ahead of myself, but I do start thinking about other stories I want to get to eventually.

Fir Canyon

Farm School

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Whoops, I forgot to put an update last week! Go read two new installments of True Loves 3 in one! Manien and I did some writing last week and we’re getting ever closer to the end! The end of the trilogy!

In other exciting comic news, my book from Retrofit Comics is now available for pre-order. It is a pastoral post-apocalyptic walking story. Here is the cover and a few images.

Farm School Cover

Farm School Bakery

farmsFarm School walking

Farm School View

And because I feel like an update isn’t complete without a video, here is some Django Django, who I have been enjoying.

Laughing, Crying, Sharing

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Hey look at that, a new True Loves 3 up, at long last. I am really going to push to get get this book done.

It was a beautiful sunny day in Vancouver today, but my mood was shakey. This song came on in my headphones on the way up the hill and it was about right. Hey Guy Maddin directed it!

Here is another of those drawings I of Mega-j with the Tiny Astronaut.

Mega-j and the Tiny Astronaut 7

Drawing All Weekend

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

I haven’t been updating here much, busy drawing! I had a long weekend, and Manien worked all weekend, and I barely left my desk except for the occasional booze run. Here is what it looks like.

Desk Drawing

Okay I did take time out occasionally to draw other things. Like more Bad Seeds and Friends from those talking about Nick Cave videos. I’m finished Murder Ballads, and there were somewhat ominous statements from Mick and Blixa.

Bad Seeds 10

Bad Seeds 11

Manien has been knitting me a sweater lately, and when she gets knitting while we watch TV, I feel like I should be doing something too, so I started doing these drawings of Mega-j drifting asleep, accompanied by an astronaut. Unfortunately it wasn’t until after the second one that I thought he should really be a tiny astronaut.

Mega-J Descending 1

Mega-J Descending 2

Mega-J Descending 3

I went for a walk this morning to figure out some writing. My 15 minute walk to work is not sufficient to really get the ideas going. Anyhow, I wandered up an alley that had paintings hung on fences and garage doors.

Paintings in an Alley

And for good measure, here are a couple of videos that I enjoyed, both featuring dudes in deserts.