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Dance Dance Dance

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

New True Loves 3 is up. Back with True now. Don’t forget that you can order the book, and other things from the store.

I was in Montreal over the weekend for my old pal Jesse’s wedding. We realized we hadn’t seen each other in person since my wedding (7 years ago tomorrow), but it felt like it was just last week. It was great to meet his wife and her daughter and to see them get married, to see how crazy they are about each other. LOVE.

A number of my old university gang were also there, so it was like a reunion. And my older brother was there with his family, so it was great to see them! On Sunday my brother and I wandered around Montreal with another old pal from Guelph who is living in Montreal. I sure do enjoy that city. I have bit of a crush on Montreal. Shh, don’t tell Vancouver.

I took Claire Dewitt and the Bohemian Highway with me, and it was the perfect book to have along. I have completely loved the two Claire Dewitt books, strange funny sad mystery stories.

Here are some comics I drew about the trip.

Dancing at Jesse's Wedding

The Balloon Motif


And a tiny astronaut in the forest drawing I did on the plane home.

The Tiny Astronaut in the Forest 4

Hot in the City

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Before I forget, go read True Loves 3, new instalment. Go buy True Loves.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow. That would be good, because I don’t think it rained once in July. How dry is it? A bee has been coming in our kitchen window to drink from the tap!

Bee 1

Bee 2

I did this drawing from this mesmerizing photo. While listening to Joss Whedon on the Nerdist among other things.

Woman in Flowers

This song was making me so happy the other day as I came up the hill. My feet almost left the ground.

Die Blou Kabouter

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Before I forget, there is a new True Loves 3 up. And why not drop by the store to buy a book?

I have been doing these drawings this week where I can just zone out and listen to a podcast and… draw lots of leaves. The same thing as when I would draw debris photos or Mega-j with lots of hatching. I was looking at plants on a sunny day and vivid repeated patterns were almost hallucinatory for me, and I thought I would try to capture that in a drawing.

On Monday while I was drawing I was listening to this Nerdist talk with the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer about Cloud Atlas. And then on Tuesday I was listening to this Peter Greenaway talk about the re-inventing cinema. In both there was interesting discussion of how the conventions of film have become so incredibly limited.

Here are my forest drawings.

Forest 01

Forest 02

Forest 03

A while ago I was looking at the symbolic meanings of colours in my Dictionary of Symbols, and I liked something in the meanings of blue and thought I should draw a blue person. At some point that became I should draw a blue elf.

Die Blou Kabouter 01

When I finished the first drawing, I thought the elf and astronaut looked too big. I asked Manien what blue elf would be in Afrikaans and she said “die blou kabouter”.

Die Blou Kabouter 02

And here is a song from the 80s that popped into my head out of nowhere. It was only now as I sang it in my head that I realized what the title meant. Have no money.

Unstuck in Time

Friday, July 5th, 2013

On the weekend I clicked on the link to True Loves 2 on my site for some reason, and was led to a nice little message saying Serializer was no longer online. Whoops. So I moved it over here to Webcomicsnation. I guess I should figure out comicpress or something.

On the topic of True Loves, the new instalment of True Loves 3 is up. You should go buy the books at the store while we’re still on that topic.

On to other topics. Did I mention that I am going to put together an issue of Vinegar at some point that will be called Finishing True Loves? These comics will be in that. A comic about feeling unstuck in time. And further on that theme, reflecting on lessons learned back in grade six that always stuck with me.

Unstuck in Time 1

Unstuck in Time 2

What I learned in Grade Six 1

What I learned in Grade Six 2

Of Monsters and Pants

Friday, June 28th, 2013

I seem to still be struggling to fully shake this cold. This has not helped me get all productive. But nonetheless, there is a new True Loves 3 up. And you should all go order your books from the store too. Seriously. DO IT. Here is a little comic I drew today about something that happened today.

Look Up

I was listening to some Duncan Trussel podcast and did this drawing from one of these photos.


A drawing I did from another of those photos, while listening to this nice WTF chat with Iggy Pop. It seemed like they could have used at least another hour!


A while back I came across this video (and probably posted it already) and thought I wish they would make a movie this original and awesome looking.

And then the other day I came across another video by them, which was also a supercool little world unto itself.

This made me wonder who the heck made these awesome videos. Turns out it was We Were Monkeys, from Montreal, I think. Their website led to this short film. Also cool. Someone give them money to make a full movie.

OVO from WeWereMonkeys on Vimeo.

Man vs Fruit Flies

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Home sick from the dayjob. That doesn’t happen often. I watched three movies. And that’s about all.

There is a new True Loves 3 up. This brings us to page 100 of 120. You can of course get the whole book at the store for ten bucks.

Here are a couple of comics about a situation in our house this summer.

Fruitflies 01

Fruitflies 02

Hey look, new Die Antwoord video. Creepy and dirty as ever!

And a new Postal Service song? What the heck?! Apparently it was part of the 10th anniversary edition of “Give Up”. I still listen to that album regularly.

I recently realized there was another Julee Cruise album put out shortly after “Floating Into the Night”, also with David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti. While purchasing that, I saw more recent music done with DJ Dmitry.

And why not a Daniel Johnston Takeaway Show?

Photos and Ruins

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Look at us, rushing up towards summer solstice already. I am trying to write this at 7am before heading off to my dayjob, and have had no coffee. Somehow I don’t have much to say.

There is a new True Loves 3 up online. I have fixed the store, so the shipping in Canada is correct. Go buy stuff.

I drew my 20th column for Broken Pencil last night. I think the magazine comes out four times a year. Does that mean I’ve been doing it 5 years? Is that possible?

I did this drawing from this photo, while listening to this podcast the other night. Debris and ruin is my go-to for something to draw these days.

Library Ruin

This dumb Spiderman gag popped into my head yesterday, so I had to draw it.


Coming Back to Earth

Friday, June 7th, 2013

I feel like I have just finally come back to earth. Getting the True Loves 3 book done, going to TCAF and VanCAF getting a new store set up. It took a lot out of me.

Speaking of True Loves 3, still updating that online. Are you curious how it is all going to end? You can buy the book NOW, check out the new store I set up.

I had a sketchbook that was almost finished so I didn’t take it to TCAF. It took me until this weekend to finally get back to it and fill up the last pages. I did my traditional self-portrait as the last drawing.

I did this drawing from this video from VanCAF. Now I notice myself sitting with my hands this way strangely often.

Speaking of VanCAF, here are a few photos.

VanCAF 3

Look at that crowd! Look at Colin Upton! Look at Amancay! I hardly talked to Amancay all day Saturday, but then ended up sitting with him at the Storm Crow, which was great because he is an awesome guy and we had a great chat.

VanCAF 1

Ah the Storm Crow. I had heard all the local nerds talking about this magical nerd bar, but had never quite made it out to check it out for myself. It did not disappoint. D&D themed menus. Medieval weapons on the wall. Never sports on the TVs. So beautiful! And a Game of Thrones map in the washroom.

VanCAF 2

It was not until Tuesday night that I finally felt grounded after months of focusing on getting True Loves 3 together and shows and so on. I was colouring this week’s True Loves, and still had time to go in the podcast I was enjoying so I found a photo to draw on Julia Wertz‘s website. The podcast was this episode of the Duncan Trussel Family Hour, which featured the return of Pete Holmes. Another of my favourite podcasts is his You Made it Weird. I really enjoyed their conversation, and just spaced out doing the drawing. And the next morning I felt AWESOME. Alive again. Roaring and punching the air. So that was good.

Run Down Kitchen

TCAF 2013 Photos

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Back from Ontario and TCAF, which was all a great time. Good to see the family, good to see all the comic people at the show. Nice to have some people come by specifically to pick up True Loves 3!

While I think of it, I am still updating the colour online version. New one up today. Oh and while I’m thinking of it, this Big Planet Comics podcast has a nice discussion of Farm School in around the 20 minute mark.

I am still finishing up comics about my Ontario trip, but here is a quick little photo trip through it. True Loves 3 did arrive in time for TCAF which was a relief.

tcaf 2013 01

Manien booked me a room at Victoria’s Mansion House and it was cute. My room was… cozy. And it was in the basement! But I was just sleeping there between selling comics and whooping it up with comics people, so it was fine!

tcaf 2013 02

tcaf 2013 03

I met up with former Vancouverite and old Crown Commission comrade Ben Woo for a bite on Friday night. Good to see him and hear about all the crazy nerd studies his doing with his PHD in nerdic matters. He was also nice enough to help me carry boxes to the reference library in the pouring rain.

tcaf 2013 04

We eventually got to the Pilot for the opening party and had a table with various guests, including Inkstud Robin.

tcaf 2013 05

And Tyler J Hutchinson who told us how his We Draw Comics site is going.

tcaf 2013 06

My TCAF table was upstairs again which was nice. Look at those True Loveses! The place was hopping. I had lovely neighbours Blue and Andy.

tcaf 2013 07

tcaf 2013 08

After the show on Sunday I met up with old Toronto pals, Dave and Dawn for a bite and a beer. Dave also stopped off at the Green Room with me for another as I was on my way to the TCAF closing party. The Green Room just may be a location in an upcoming story I want to do.

tcaf 2013 09

The closing party was a blast. Managed to talk to a bunch of people and eventually found Dave Lapp, Doug Wright Award winner Nina Bunjevac and Jordan to hang out. Dancing ensued and eventually Nina, Salgood Sam and I were the only ones left dancing. As we left I took a picture and then a second later TCAF organizers Chris and Miles were leaving too, so they got in for a pic too.

tcaf 2013 010

The Proof is in my Drawing Space

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

New True Loves 3 is up! True Loves 3 the sample proof of the book is sitting on my desk! Colourful. Exciting. If all goes according to plan, I will have them in hand for TCAF May 11 – 12. Or if you are in Vancouver, two weeks later at VanCAF.

The Proof

I have been puttering away at some single page comics that will likely be printed up as an issue of Vinegar titled Finishing True Loves. Here is one about dimes.

Dimes and Time

On the Sunday morning Manien and I got up and went to the bird sanctuary for a walk. It was a lovely morning, and we had a lovely walk. Before we even got into the park we saw some deer by this art installation. The art is a recreation of some squatters shacks from back in the 1940s-1960s. They had hippies, former lumber workers, and Malcolm Lowry. The piece was originally downtown at that installation space by the Shangri La, but now it is in the area where the squatters were. North Shore News article here. If you look closely the deer are at the far left here.

Art and Deer

Walking the paths, we were greatly enjoying all the stuff growing on other stuff. Look at this go-getter on a post.

The Go Getter

Sometimes I need to stop and appreciate how crazy the vista out my front door is. Just ridiculous.

Out My Front Door