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TCAF 2013 Photos

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Back from Ontario and TCAF, which was all a great time. Good to see the family, good to see all the comic people at the show. Nice to have some people come by specifically to pick up True Loves 3!

While I think of it, I am still updating the colour online version. New one up today. Oh and while I’m thinking of it, this Big Planet Comics podcast has a nice discussion of Farm School in around the 20 minute mark.

I am still finishing up comics about my Ontario trip, but here is a quick little photo trip through it. True Loves 3 did arrive in time for TCAF which was a relief.

tcaf 2013 01

Manien booked me a room at Victoria’s Mansion House and it was cute. My room was… cozy. And it was in the basement! But I was just sleeping there between selling comics and whooping it up with comics people, so it was fine!

tcaf 2013 02

tcaf 2013 03

I met up with former Vancouverite and old Crown Commission comrade Ben Woo for a bite on Friday night. Good to see him and hear about all the crazy nerd studies his doing with his PHD in nerdic matters. He was also nice enough to help me carry boxes to the reference library in the pouring rain.

tcaf 2013 04

We eventually got to the Pilot for the opening party and had a table with various guests, including Inkstud Robin.

tcaf 2013 05

And Tyler J Hutchinson who told us how his We Draw Comics site is going.

tcaf 2013 06

My TCAF table was upstairs again which was nice. Look at those True Loveses! The place was hopping. I had lovely neighbours Blue and Andy.

tcaf 2013 07

tcaf 2013 08

After the show on Sunday I met up with old Toronto pals, Dave and Dawn for a bite and a beer. Dave also stopped off at the Green Room with me for another as I was on my way to the TCAF closing party. The Green Room just may be a location in an upcoming story I want to do.

tcaf 2013 09

The closing party was a blast. Managed to talk to a bunch of people and eventually found Dave Lapp, Doug Wright Award winner Nina Bunjevac and Jordan to hang out. Dancing ensued and eventually Nina, Salgood Sam and I were the only ones left dancing. As we left I took a picture and then a second later TCAF organizers Chris and Miles were leaving too, so they got in for a pic too.

tcaf 2013 010


Friday, February 22nd, 2013

New True Loves 3 is up! I finished drawing page 100 the other day. Slowly inching towards the finish line. I have a paper by my drawing area to mark off each page as I finish.


And meanwhile Farm School is getting in people’s hands, which is exciting. But I haven’t actually held the final object myself! Well I hope you all enjoy it. If you don’t have it yet, why not buy it?

Here are some drawings I did on the weekend. Random stuff off the internet.



I was listening to Iggy Pop’s “The Idiot” and got thinking about Berlin. Through the magic of Google Street View, I went and wandered around there a bit. Did this quick sketch.


A drawing I did as I hung out with Josue on the weekend. I have forest matters on my brain.



I was talking to Manien about how tricky drawing moss is. She went like this.


The Drains

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

New True Loves 3. We are now in an unusual state where I have drawn well ahead of where the online comic is at. I am really trying to motor on this. For a moment when I checked the post this morning I was confused as to whether that was the right comic up or not. Wait have coming events happened yet?

My comic Farm School from Retrofit is still up for pre-order. I was thinking how this band A Silver Mount Zion was somehow integral to the initial mood that informed the story.

Here is a drawing my cousin found in an old scrapbook. I did it around 1981 when I was deep in my obsession with the Robert Altman Popeye movie. Then I did a quick drawing to see if I remembered how to draw Olive Oyl.

Olive 1981

Olive 2013

Last weekend in the night someone took the caps off two drains beside our house. Manien and I pondered why someone would do this. I had my suspicions…


As Farm School is about to be released, and I close in on the end of True Loves 3, I try not to get ahead of myself, but I do start thinking about other stories I want to get to eventually.

Fir Canyon

Farm School

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Whoops, I forgot to put an update last week! Go read two new installments of True Loves 3 in one! Manien and I did some writing last week and we’re getting ever closer to the end! The end of the trilogy!

In other exciting comic news, my book from Retrofit Comics is now available for pre-order. It is a pastoral post-apocalyptic walking story. Here is the cover and a few images.

Farm School Cover

Farm School Bakery

farmsFarm School walking

Farm School View

And because I feel like an update isn’t complete without a video, here is some Django Django, who I have been enjoying.

A Whole New Year

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Where has the time gone? I was so busy through December, visiting Ontario, getting my comic Farm School together for Retrofit Comics, and then you know, holiday loafing.

I was feeling all jazzed to do a Best of 2012 list of music for a while there, but I sort of realized it would just be collecting videos I have posted here over the year. And I suspect most of the things I’ve been enjoying this year are not from this year! So I lost enthusiasm.

My next big project is getting back on a little thing called TRUE LOVES 3! Meanwhile, here are some drawings and things.

A drawing I did, on my flight to Ontario, of my one time adbusters boss Kalle Lasn from an article in the Walrus.

kalle lasn

Here are some comics I did about my trip. I have a whole other section I would like to add, but I’m not sure when I’ll have the time.










Tell Me Where Ya Been

Friday, November 30th, 2012

I have been drawing. Been having a birthday and celebrating. This is from Farm School, which will be out in January.


On my birthday last week, Manien made duck with thyme, which became Time Duck.

Time Duck

While Manien made the Time Duck, I drew this

Mega-j and the astronaut

It’s Happening Again

Saturday, October 27th, 2012


That’s what I’ve been working on. But when I got too tired last night I listened to some more of those Nick Cave album talking things. I had sort of forgotten this song. It is nice.

And then I started watching Twin Peaks, but got so excited that I had paused it twice to draw in the first five minutes.

Pete Martell - She's Dead

Sarah Palmer - Laura

Camping and So Forth

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

I don’t seem to have any new drawings or anything this week, so I will tell you a little story in photos.


Manien and I went camping at Birkenhead Lake, up past Pemberton. It is quite an insanely lovely spot, nestled in amongst the mountains. After finding Alice Lake way too busy in August last year, we decided to experiment with camping after Labour Day. Indeed, this was the last week Birkenhead was open before closing for the winter, and there were only a handful of other people there on the Wednesday night.


We had a great site right by this little river. Perfect for sitting beside while reading Catching Fire, sipping wine. Our camping is not that oriented to roughing it. More just getting away and reading books surrounded by trees.


There were a lot of signs warning about bears in the area, including this rather evocative one right at the entrance.


After the first night we were told that there had been a new assessment of the fish in the river by our campsite, and that there were now so many fish in the river that it was a bear hazard, and we had to move to a site further away from it. So we did a superfast camp strike/re-strike, relocating to a site right by the beach. We didn’t see anything scarier than a chipmunk though. Maybe an osprey.


The second day, we walked a ways up a path. I would hesitate to call it hiking, as it was just a leisurely walk looking for a place to picnic. We found a big cushy pad of moss and flopped out on it. Read. I drew. We ate. We watched little fishes eating bugs off the surface of the lake.


I started to draw some trees, but got lost in the roots.


We had perhaps the most reluctant fires I have ever experienced. Everything was extremely damp, but even so, normally a fire just goes at some point, right? This was about the best fire we could coax out of the logs.

One night this week I had a dream in a post-apocalyptic setting, and one of my companions was a sentient piece of wood that helped us monitor the status of our fire. Apparently my mind hasn’t quite gotten over the campfire trauma.


This week a guy came to fix our front door handle, which had been a bit cantankerous ever since we moved in seven years ago. It turned out Manien’s dad had been quite creative and used parts from four different handle/lock assemblies to build ours. When the guy took it out, there was all kinds of bits falling out, and then he discovered our door was completely non-standard and no normal handle would fit it. So we needed a new door.

Door Guts

And so for the past week we have had this lovely mechanism to lock our front door.

Fancy Door Closure

But the new door is getting put in as I type. Hey look, there is also some work in progress down at the other end of my desk, tentatively titled Farm School.


The Bakery

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, Manien and I started to watch Your Highness, and it wasn’t really happening so we turned it off. I couldn’t quite let it go so I returned to it last week when I had an evening to myself and watched it to the end. I love crappy fantasy movies from the 80s, but man. Sadly, it was just not very good, plodding as a fantasy movie and just crass and crappy as a comedy.

On the other hand we watched Paul on the weekend and it just flew out of the gates, was entertaining and fun and funny and sweet. Both movies theoretically perfect for a nerd audience, but one of them pleasing to nerds and non-nerds alike.

Anyhow. New True Loves 3. And here is a drawing of a bakery, preparing for my upcoming Retrofit book.


Great Dudes of Comics

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Let’s see, what is new this week? New True Loves 3. Just one, because I had a busy weekend playing store, and jail, and pass the motorcycle and so forth. Retrofit comics reached their fundraising goal.

Things I listened to this week: WTF chat with Bobcat Goldthwait. Have you seen his movie World’s Greatest Dad? It is great. Robin Williams is good! Nerdist chat with Neil Gaiman. He just seems like such a great, smart, laid back guy, and in such a good place in his life. Similarly I enjoyed reading this interview with Grant Morrison, who also seems to buzz with smartness and creativity. I am quite looking forward to reading his Supergods book in a week or so.

And here is a drawing I did and threw some colour on.

Farm School

This morning Manien and I had a morning dance party to this song.