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On Goofiness

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

I am nudging ahead with the second chapter of Fir Valley, working on page layouts and pencilling. I guess I should get the first chapter (and other things) set up in the store so people can check it out. It continues to be decadent for me to have time to work on this. Time to go for a good walk every day. Time to spend with Manien.

As I work on Fir Valley, I am finding it is coming out quite serious, and hope that it isn’t too grim. Whenever I co-write a comic with someone else, it ends up having a lot of goofiness. So that is just something I am thinking about, balancing the serious with the silly.

I am considering colouring Fir Valley. I quite liked how the colours came out on my transit comic, and thought I might continue in that vein.

Fir Valley Colour Test

Here is a joke Manien made because she knew it would make me laugh (it did).

Birds - Health Choices

Here are some quick drawings capturing assorted singing and goofing around on a day Manien and I went on a picnic by the Olympic Village. I am enjoying drawing my slightly shaggy hair.

October 3 - Manitoba

October 3 - Belly Button

October 3 - Pretend Dog

October 3 - James

We saw four spiders that had all built webs around the same Awesome Spot.

October 3 - Good Spot

And here is a drawing I did of Duncan Trussel from this talk.

Duncan Trussel and the Holy Grail

Flying Down to Fir Valley

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

I had an unusually busy month. When I finally had a quiet weekend I just needed to decompress. Then last weekend was the first time Manien and I had so much as a day together in weeks. We went to the farmers market and put together a new barbecue. And then I went off to the comic jam.

What is with this hot dry summer, Vancouver? Usually everything isn’t brown and dried out like this until late July or August. Vancouver being what it is everyone just raves about the great weather. You know we need rain, right people?

Yesterday I finally started drawing my next big comic project Fir Valley. It feels good to finally get going on it, as I am seeing thoughts on it in sketchbooks from way back in 2005 or something. The June part of my sketchbook is full of pages and pages of me writing notes for it. I need a database or something.

Since I have a little commute now that we moved, I try to do some drawing or story thinking on the 15 minute seabus ride coming and going from the dayjob. As I say, a lot of it has been Fir Valley thoughts. But also just things like this that I can draw away at for 15 minutes.


Mega-j at the Edge

Or something like this where I drew it on the seabus and then coloured it at home.

Mega-j and Ultra-j Plants and Stars

And I polished off my 2015 summer mix titled A New Song for a New World. Here are a couple of songs off it.

Okay I just wanted to put them all on, but couldn’t find good versions of all the songs. That last Peter Tosh song I put on a pumped up remastered version from the special too many songs edition of Mystic Man.

On the Move

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Oh gosh it has been a while since I updated. It has been a busy month, staging the house, showing the house, selling the house, finding a place to rent (Main Street here I come!). And once that was all done, I have been able to draw again. I have actually been drawing comics about the house selling process, so you will be able to experience it along with me at some point. And I have been doing more of these Two Birds comics too, see below. Both of these should be printed up into little books for VanCAF next month.

There has been a lot going on at my dayjob, on top of all the house stuff. I find myself in meetings a lot, which leads me to doodling a lot. My doodles have gotten a bit out of control. You can see the progress of them here.


And that doodling put me in the mind to do this doodle while I was listening to a very interesting You Made It Weird chat with Shane Mauss.


My band of the spring so far is Parts and Labor (I guess they are American). If a song comes on my phone and I excitedly think “WHO IS THIS???” it is Parts and Labor. I should get more of their music.

Here are some more of the Two Birds comics.









Birds, Astronauts and Megaj

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Yesterday I finished drawing a four page autobiographical story, and except for Hourly Comic Day, I think that is the only comics I have drawn all year. But I have been doing some drawings. Look it is the tiny astronaut.

Tiny Astronaut - Water

Tiny Astronaut - Earth

Tiny Astronaut - Air

I have been drawing a few more of these Two Birds comics.

Two Birds 04

Two Birds 05

Two Birds 06

Two Birds 07

And look, it is Mega-j with… Ultra-j?!

Megaj and the Portal

Oh and here is a little comic about being baffled by music videos in grade seven.

Burning Down the House

New Sketchbook

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

I felt like I haven’t been drawing at all, but hey look I just started this sketchbook a week ago and I already have a few drawings. And tonight I pencilled four pages! This is the first comicking I have done (except for Hourly Comic Day) in way too long. So that felt good.

The first page in a sketchbook is always tricky. I went with a Mega-j.


I have been enjoying drawing stuff in pencil, for the first time in… years? But it is doesn’t scan as well. I ran into the 7-11 Gnome last week, when Manien and I were staying in a hotel for a couple of days. Yeah, a lot going on. Maybe I will draw comics about it.


I was trying to draw some people I saw when I was out walking. Pencil again.

A Woman and a Wizard

I have been feeling like drawing the tiny astronaut again. I drew these listening to this great WTF chat with Paul Thomas Anderson. He is so great.

Astronaut - Mega-j

Astronaut - Fire

I just came across this guy tonight, Daughn Gibson. It is a pretty cool sound. I know nothing about him, but he’s on Sub Pop, so he’s gotta be okay right? Is Sub Pop still a stamp of quality?

Another Sketchbook Down

Monday, February 16th, 2015

A lot has been going on in 2015 so far, including Manien and I preparing to sell our house. So it has not been too conducive to getting much drawn. I had been hoping to get this sketchbook finished by Friday, as then it would have taken me exactly a year to fill it. Oh well, close enough. Here are the last three drawings from it.

I thought these dishes were looking kind of monumental, so I decided to draw them. Once I got going I realized it was full of reflective surfaces, transparent items and all kinds of tricky stuff.


Found this cute house and view in Krugersdorp, South Africa (where Manien once lived), which I drew while listening to this interesting chat with Maja D’Aoust on the Duncan Trussell Family Hour. Fun fact, I was having trouble locating this town because in Afrikaans it sounds like “creers-dorp”.


And my traditional angry looking self-portrait, to finish up the sketchbook.

Jason February 15, 2015

Stuff from early in the sketchook seems like a lot longer than a year ago.

Houses! Houses! Houses!

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

As we approached the end of the year, a lot of people kept bemoaning how quickly the year went by. I did not feel that way, so I kept saying think back to September – doesn’t that seem like ages and ages ago? The heat of the summer and eating my lunches by the ocean? Ancient memory! My trip to Ontario in the spring?! Their snow had just finally melted the week before, memories of long ago. Anyways, my suggestion is that when you get that panic, slow down and think of all the incredible, horrible and magical things that have actually occurred in that time that “flew by”.

Another thing I keep noticing, and well it is one of my favourite topics: cars. Manien and I watched season two of Treme recently, and then have been watching Gilmore Girls. On one of the Gilmore Girls, Rory took a city bus to the fancy school she goes to. And I realized the ONLY reason anyone would ride public transit on TV is to show “Oh goodness, look how poor she is. She doesn’t even have A CAR!!” Since I don’t think that way about cars it was a surprising realization for me. Similarly on Treme, Antoine is always taking cabs to get to gigs – because he is so strapped for cash HE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A CAR!! It is amazing how much our media perpetuates these ideas of cars as a status symbol, a symbol of maturity, or conversely a lack of car as symbol that something is wrong with you. And then there is a car ad.

Anyways, ranting aside, I have been soothing myself drawing houses of North Vancouver. Since I am still building up to my next comic project and don’t have inking to zone out with and listen to podcasts, houses are a good alternative. And they also get me more in the mode of my next comic. Podcasts listened to while drawing these: Duncan Trussel Family Hour and Johnny Pemberton. WTF and Bret Easton Ellis. You Made It Weird and Peter Rollins.

North Van 23

North Van 24

North Van 25

North Van 26

End of Year

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

I was going to do a year in review type of thing, but I realized I have quite a few drawings I have done over the past month that I haven’t shared. Also when I looked back at a music mix I did in the spring, that seems like so so long ago! So many interesting books read too. Well I actually have the next two days off, maybe I will try to do a few best of items.

When I was visiting my brother in Ontario in December we decided one day to each do a small painting. It was great just hanging out, painting away. I was fixated on picnic tables that week, and a search on the internet turned up this strange and mysterious photo that I used as a basis for this painting.

Picnic Table on Fire

I drew Mega-j fighting a giant robot.

Mega-j vs a Robot

Also in Ontario, I found this website that takes you to a random Google Street View location. Dangerously fascinating. Here is a house in Cambodia that it took me to.


I have still been drawing North Vancouver houses, getting myself warmed up for my next comic.

North Van 20

North Van 21

North Van 22

I have been trying to work out the town for the story. Where is the grocery store? Where is the high school? What is around that dive bar at the docks? Here is a drawing I did in Manga Studio, pondering these matters.


Delays and Delays

Saturday, November 29th, 2014

Well I was almost going to have an exciting link to buy my new comic in the store, but then I realized that I screwed up something with the resolution when I was printing and so it is not ready after all. Maybe for xmas?! You would think this is the first comic I have ever printed, and not the… 50th or whatever it is. To be fair, it is the first one I have attempted to lay out in InDesign. Here is the cover again. Now the cover is yellow.

Besides that? I have been drawing more houses. I did this one in colour thinking I would use it as a new header for my site here, but then I realized it is altogether the wrong shape. This is how things have been for me lately. Curious.

And here are the first few of some new bird comics I have done this week. It is sort of my version of newspaper strip, but you know. Without jokes, as such.

Been a While

Monday, November 10th, 2014

If you are a new visitor, coming over from Savage Chickens, hello! There are pages up there at the top where you can find plenty of my comics online to read for free. Also a store, where you can buy things.

You ever just want to stop using computers I have been experiencing technical difficulties. The new book was tantalizingly close to being ready to print, and it drifted further and further from getting done. Hopefully soon. Here is the cover as it currently stands.

If you aren’t one following me on Instagram (vinegar22), you may not have seen this thing I did the past couple of years. Every time I was walking up past the library at night, I would take a picture of this van that always sat in one corner of a parking lot, dramatically lit by the street lamp.

Then in September there was a notice saying the parking lot was closing October 1! And indeed on October 1, the van was gone. Discussing this with cartoonist friends, we thought some sort of commemoration of the van was in order. So I have started doing drawings from the van photos, as the Van Project. If anyone else is inspired to make art inspired by the van, please feel free to join in. The van photos can be found here.

While I have been struggling through my technical difficulties, one thing I did to sooth my aggravated soul was more North Van house drawings from Google Streetview. Here are a few of them.