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Me and the Major

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

the majors vision

Oh Major Briggs, I’m sorry I don’t draw you as well as you deserve. But anyways, this scene, with the Major telling Bobby about his vision is just a lovely quiet little moment that makes me mist up every time. Sadly I don’t think this relationship was really ever carried forth much in the rest of the series.

Sick Day – Twin Peaks

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Since I am loafing around the house sick, what am I doing? Watching/drawing Twin Peaks!

Shelly and Bobby


Post Stumptown Blues

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Back from Stumptown. Home from work sick. Con colds!

I have posted some photos from the show over here. It was a good time. Didn’t really sell much, but the show was busy, the people were friendly. And since we ended up hanging out with some locals, we probably saw different parts of Portland than we might have otherwise. Shared a table with Dave, KC Green, Brian. Hung out and chatted with some awesome people like Evan Dahm, Graham Kahler, Dalton Webb, Toby Craig , Wes and Tony, Frank and Becky, Kate Beaton as well as people I see all the time in Vancouver like Angela, Mike, Brian, Jacqui, Jonathan, Jeff, and Ed.

You can see some pictures I took here. And Brian’s, which overlap quite a bit with mine but fill in some blanks where I only had horribly blurry shots.

Also I have added a few more people onto the Page 100 Project List!

Stumptown and more

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

I always forget to mention conventions. I’m going to be at Stumptown in Portland this weekend, and TCAF May 8 -9. Look for me at the New Reliable Table!

Also, I have been posting the April Listening comics over here. I will get them set up somewhere else eventually.

Page 100 Project List

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

So ages ago, Dave Howard suggested to me that it might be an interesting idea for cartoonists to try adapting a part of a novel they liked. And then recently when JD Sallinger died, that notion came back to me, and then I thought oh it might be interesting to attempt to do a comic of some portion of one of his books. As I sat on the couch staring at the shelves of books, I thought it might be fun to try it with different books. Maybe just a page. Maybe the SAME PAGE from each book. Say, page 100. And thus…


Feel welcome to join in. It’s easy: Just pick a book, turn to page 100, and adapt it as a comic. Let me know if you do one:

Here is a list of the one’s done so far:
The Yiddish Policeman’s Union by me
The Fermata by me
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Jason Rainey
The Hawkline Monster by Rebecca Dart
The Master and Margarita by Mark Campos
The White Bone by Emily C
H. L. C. Jaffé’s book on De Stijl by Idiomdrottning
A Wizard of Earthsea by Melanie Carson
Farewell my Lovely by Brian Moore.
Carter Beats the Devil by Rick McGee
Capote – a Biography by Beldan Sezen
And the Ass Saw the Angel by Matthew Daley
The Invention of Morel by Hugo Robles
A Wild Sheep Chase by Josh Bauman
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Dorian Lafferee
Red Harvest by Mark Campos
Island of Adventure by David Marmota
The Selfish Gene by Mark Oftedal
The Secret Garden by Spiral Stairs
Out of the Silent Planet by Dave Nelson
The Tao of Pooh by Get in Here
Popcorn by Christopher Downes
2001: A Space Odyssey by Anthony Woodward
Bertie Wooster Sees Through It by Brian Moore
The Shadow Rising by kimiko
Howl’s Moving Castle by Seph Hunter
Sabriel by Arkonbey
Small Gods by Arkonbey
A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian by Steafan Collins
Engines of Destiny by Lee
Aliens: The Labyrinth by Lee
The Prisoner of Zenda by Colleen Frakes
Women by Joe Decie
The Road by FHNavarro (scroll down a bit for the English version)
Game of Thrones by Brian Evinou
the Road by Spiralstairs
No Country for Old Men by Dan Berry.
Illuminatus! by Bruce Otter
Pulp by Chris Woods
Bible by Darko Macan (in Croatian!)
Fragments by Jurica Staresincic
a joke from a 3000 Jokes book by David Vrhovski
Felidae by Sonja Gasperov
The Weed that Strings the Hangman’s Bag by Jason Turner
William Shatner’s 2009 autobiography Up Till Now by Michael Darmanin
The Name of the Rose by Maja
The Old Man and the Sea by Dupli
A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Ersatz Elevator by Sara Divjak
The Lazarus Project by FAB
Real Life Japanese by Jusuf
Weaveworld by Diana Robaš
Schott’s Original Miscellany by Jusuf
Storia di una gabbianella e del gatto che le insegnò a volare by Marco Palombelli
Round Ireland with a Fridge by Andrew Goldsworthy
The Forgotten Soldier by Pictogramax
1984 by Finn Clark
The Road by Erwann Surcouf
Love by Gašper Rus
Blinding Light by me, Jason Turner

More Page 100 Project!

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Hey exciting stuff! The extremely talented Rebecca Dart took on the Page 100 Project! Check out her rendition of page one hundred of “The Hawkline Monster” by Richard Brautigan.

The Page 100 Project

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Hey neat, someone else attempted a Page 100: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress from Jason Rainey. I will have to keep a list of these things somewhere. I actually started working on another one the other day.

Time Lapse Morning

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

I seem to have time lapse/stop motion matters in my head this morning.

A month ago or so, Manien found a big two pronged carrot in the garden that we had no idea was there. She wanted to take a picture of it and left it outside on a ledge. But then time went on she never got around to it and I wished I had taken a daily photo of it! The slugs quite enjoyed it, and dug holes (I imagined them having James and the Giant Peach style adventures inside). Some days the carrot was fairly covered with slugs. And then riddled with holes. It has dried out some, and now seems to entice the woodbugs, and each morning they are crawling madly over it.

You ever have ideas and think “Shit could I actually draw that?” This morning I had an idea for a character “unstuck in time” passing through a comic, but it would likely work better if someone like say Frank Quitely drew it.

These things got the time-lapse music from a Zed and Two Noughts in my head.
Which got the Cook, the Thief… music in my head, imagining an slow march down the hall at :totem1: with that music adding gravity to the proceedings.

Some More of April

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

I am continuing with this un-journal sort of thing. Here are some more…




30 Days of Unjournal

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

I think “30 Days of…” is a thing people sometimes do in April. So I am going to attempt 30 days of a sort of journal comic. Stuff that happens, but that I don’t appear in. We’ll see how that goes.