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Some Good Weekend

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

I had a really nice weekend. Wrote True Loves and then hung out with Ed and Janet on Friday night, so it felt like I had already had a busy weekend before I even hit Saturday! And then the weather was nice. And we saw Thor. It was fine enough. I quite enjoyed the stuff on earth, it was the Asgard stuff that was a bit blah for me. And finally got around to seeing the Green Hornet which was quite weirdly un-Michel Gondry-ish, but for a Sunday night movie it was fine! I am a sucker for stories where the “sidekick” is more competent than the “hero” so that worked for me.

Anyhow, here is the next True Loves 3. I listened to this Nerdist chat with Rainn Wilson while I inked. He seems like a pretty neat dude. Oh and also this Kevin Smith one that was pretty funny. And the past few days I keep returning to Girl Talk music and it is kind of blowing my mind.

New Loves. 100 Things.

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

All right, almost a month later, here is another episode of True Loves 3! Hopefully I will get back on track, or at least somewhat back on track now. It seems like the summer is going to be fairly social, which is nice, but not so good for drawing all evening every evening.


I was reading this interview with Grant Morrison earlier, which I liked for his idea of people wanting to be superheroes these days, and superheroes trying to cross over into the real world. And this talk, by a brain doctor describing her experience having a stroke. Fascinating, and ot made me cry by the end!

We had some houseguests this past week and one morning as they were lounging in bed in the living room, they were looking at the books on the bookshelves, and a book about Peter Greenaway was discussed. Thinking about PG before 7am got me feeling like I should make a list or something, and so here was last Thursday:

This is May 19, 2011
1. Waking up because the sun on the curtains is so bright.
2. Guests lounging in bed in the living room, enjoying our bookshelves
3. Remembering Peter Greenaway before 7am
4. Manien’s secrets of coffee. A coffee grinding dance.
5. Sharing apples
6. Everyone else’s food looks appealing
7. A fistful of yoghurt
8. Work clothes. The secret of my tie
9. An unexpected walk companion
10. Remembering 10 years ago.
11. Learning hockey results from the cover of Metro
12. Phone numbers on pieces of paper.
13. Touching a bush.
14. Losing interest half way through my own phone message
15. Somebody’s daughter/Proud parents
16. The thunder in my stomach
17. Nuts and nuts and nuts
18. Detecting hangover in a gravel voiced cashier
19. A missing security card, but not that missing
20. Someone’s breakfast stands alone
21. The secret message of Pixar
22. Oh no it isn’t
23. Back to abortion and gay marriage
24. An arrow made of celery
25. Badditude in the Scarberian Wastelands
26. Selling a house, and the burden of memories
27. A cowboy hat tan at the wedding
28. The flower girl’s brother was run over by a train
29. A 20 something with the attention needs of a 10yr old
30. Super tedious conversations that go on for half an hour
31. The stanky youth of lower Chesterfield, and the construction creeps who ogle them
32. 99 Problems
33. Nobody home
34. Work was work
35. Ready to eat, ready to nap
36. The four year old asks the tough questions: WOULD I want to be a soup???
37. A busy afternoon ahead of me
38. A girl stops to adjust her tiny pant cuffs
39. Racing a sprinkler stream down the hill
40. This quiet office
41. Why does everyone love Chewbacca?
42. Owls at a party. Kind of like Twin Peaks
43. Inbreeding jokes does not sound like Twin Peaks to me
44. Sadly, one of the little joys in life is a lack of road rag
45. People in the break room have not been outside? What is wrong with them?
46. Little joys – a fresh can of nuts
47. The actresses
48. A non-Tea Party Tea Partier ascertains that China is the problem.
49. Kisses for neighbours
50. This pleather jacket
51. What is an enterprising person? A person who makes enterprises? Like an entrepreneur?
52. You need creativity to take a different approach, to be different.
53. Psychology Today declares black women are ugly.
54. In which I make the mistake of reading a few comments on the above. “Your case is mute”
55. Tracking packages in the void
56. Who will sign these POs?
57. Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly – P.O.O.R. – Yes, that is why people are poor
58. Quiet time with the Crow Family
59. Racin’ Jason wants a tent
60. JYJ concert and COCONUTS.
61. How big is too big for a chuckwagon on a t-shirt
62. Roy Rogers’ houseboat
63. Nigerian Yahoo Boys
64. Little paper bombs
65. How much holiday do you have left? (two weeks, as it turns out)
66. I want to make a song P.O.P. that is to the tune of Bombs Over Baghdad
67. Everyone singing Blondie’s Rapture, holding hands
68. Guess those tshirt sales are a little “soft”
69. “Be whatever you want to be, but be it with all your heart.”
70. Which reminds me of how the term “hobby” bothers me so much.
71. Guiding a man to ICBC
72. Ghost ball room
73. A man butts in line ahead of me. The fishgirl is sick.
74. A girl buying gin for her husband’s 25th birthday.
75. People on my ass on the windy path
76. Giving naps the double bird
77. Beans and bricks
78. Eating mint and chives
79. Get lost
80. A complicated picnic
81. A tiny lady crushing a stone
82. Heavy metal BBQ
83. The wailing dinner
84. Fish and broccoli for dessert
85. Judging texting parents
86. The horror of teenaged girls
87. Little friends
88. The corkscrew
89. Who will save me?
90. Preserving and dried meat products
91. I went out to shoot a moose, but came home with two chickens
92. Hunting culture
93. Home schooling
94. A comedy gold tiny ice cream bowl prank
95. The inevitable discussion of the other brother
96. A second wind
97. One more dishwasher
98. Shower respect
99. One for the road
100. Snoring in the Labyrinth

Werner on Foot

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

I should be working on this True Loves 3 page, but instead to procrastinate I scanned and coloured this drawing of Werner Herzog.

Werner on Foot

TCAF Report

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

TCAF was a blast. Such a good show, such a good time. So many cartoonists full of so much joy. Here are some photos and thoughts.

Town Inn Suites
Ed and I had a room – nay a SUITE in the Town Inn Suites at Church and Charles. After I booked it I realized it was almost right across the street from where I last lived in Toronto, on Isabella – a great location, as you are minutes from Yonge and Bloor and therefore anything you could possibly need. Also minutes from the Reference Library, which is handy for TCAF. We were on the 24th floor facing west, which afforded this amazing view towards Yonge Street. It was slightly scary if you stood too close to the balcony though.

When we were leaving the hotel one day, I realized that when Manien and I used to live across the street, we would make fun of the Town Inn Suites, as it looked like the saddest hotel around. It was sort of low end, but our suite had a nice little kitchen and a separate room for the second bed, so that was all quite decadent. Also just that it was only Ed and I staying there, not six people or whatever is convention normal.


Lineup 2

Our table was right by the Beeton Auditorium, and I was worried that we would get blocked by lineups for panel discussions. As it turned out this only occurred twice, for Chris Ware and for the Machine of Death panel (pictured above). Once the lineup was stable and standing there a while I would ask people what they were lined up for. I forgot to get schedule until late Sunday. The best to see was people who would walk up past the lineup, super-focused because they were going in to see this PANEL… blocking out the existence of this lineup going down the hall and back out and onto the main floor.

TCAF from Above

I guess I must have taken this late Saturday. So I didn’t capture the jam-packed insanity of the floor that was evident most of the day. Our table was off to the left, away from the main loop, in a little cul de sac. People would wash up at our table and go “Whew it is so nice to get out of the crowd!” which roused conflicted emotions in us at our table that seemed less busy than everyone else’s. But despite the grass is always greener syndrome, I did great. Sold a good amount of my Year 40 Project sets, sold quite a few True Loves. So I was happy.

Rock Band

After the Saturday show was done, I went for dinner with Dave Lapp, Dave Howard, Diego and Dalton Sharp. I tell you it is the best thing to hang out with the Daves and Dalton, they have such interesting discussions of comics and culture. It makes me feel smarter just listening to them. Then we went back to the hotel to hang out a while before heading to the party. Here we see Dave H, Diego and Dalton being rock stars on the hotel balcony.

Moody Pauper

Here we see Brian Evinou at the Pauper’s Pub party. Last year it was crazy crowded and hot in there, so our gang got there early to snag a table.


Mike Yoshioka persuaded Paupers to put on the hockey game because Vancouver was playing. Here we see Mike having his heart broken.

Up on the Roof

The real revelation of the Paupers night was having the rooftop patio available. Maybe it was last year, I don’t remember, but it made the crowdedness completely bearable. It was a gorgeous night and it was easy to hang out there drifting from conversation to conversation.

Ghosts of Vancouver

I guess I should get over it and use a flash, but I have a great fondness for the crazy blurry photos. Here we see Inkstud Robin Mcconnell with Brian Fukushima, who recently relocated from Vancouver to Toronto.


Sean, Avi and Britt.

Cousin Jim

I was happy to make the acquaintance of James Turner. We were happy to make many jokes about being related.

The Many Faces of Dalton Sharp

Dalton Sharp. You just don’t get that many faces out of a person with a flash.


The Bixibike rental system just started up in Toronto, and Ed was most intrigued. So intrigued that as we walked back to the hotel with Dalton, Ed was determined we should get bikes to ride. Luckily he couldn’t get it to work, so we were spared disaster and broken limbs.

Quiet Time

Now we have skipped past the Sunday part of the show completely. That day was slower, and was a shorter day (starting at 11am rather than 9am). Between friends visiting the table and lunches and so on, it was 4pm before we knew it. And the only book I had bought at that point was Cat Rackham. So I ran around and bought a few things. The one other book I was determined to get was Chester Brown’s Paying for It. It happened that there was only one person in line for him at 4:45, and so I managed to sneak in and get a book and get it signed!

The photo above reflects how everyone felt by Sunday night. Exhausted but content. I heard of quite a few people selling out of books. Pretty much everyone was happy with their sales. And ready for one last party, the closing event at Clintons.

Mr Lapp

I managed to spend some more time with Dave Lapp and Dalton Sharp. Many Scotches were had, plans to smite enemies were made.

The Speech

Here we have Chris Butcher making his closing speech, thanking the army of volunteers and everyone who helped make the event such a success. Peter Birkamoe in attendance. They look very serious here, but only because they are offering sincere thanks. And I thank them for making the event so great.

Log House

One last blurry photo to show how the party this year expanded into the entire bar. It was great having this whole bar just wall to wall cartoonists. Also, I love that the front of Clintons is like a log cabin, as it makes me feel like I am in Twin Peaks.