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Elementals and Installations

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

New True Loves 3!

What went on this week? Finished watching the L-Word Season 4. Highly enjoyable. I gave the finale an award for Best Use of a Tractor in a Romantic Context. Then we watched the first couple of X-Files. Ah young Duchovny! Ah soggy old Vancouver! My friend Brian did this great crazy comic called Burger Time (which is not about the video game but it is awesome anyways). While I coloured tonight I listened to Marc Maron talk to Chris Rock, and that was a really interesting conversation. Here are some photos:

I encountered an air elemental in the kitchen.

Air Elemental

Someone put an art installation in across the road from my house!

Art Installation

Tardis on the Spot.

Tardis on the Spot

Windy Day

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

I had a kind of unproductive long weekend. But I did draw a bird comic today.

Windy Day

Texting Manien

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Texting Manien

Comic Weekend

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

I am going to be at Canzine West on Sunday, come on by and say hi Sunday, November 13
Ukrainian Hall
805 Pender St. E

Also, I am going to this live art jam thing with Jim Mahfood and Dave Crosland tonight, The Kozmik Zoo
@ The Hennessey Dining Lounge
53 West Broadway

And someone actually sent a new Page 100! From the Road. Strangely I had just been considering doing one of those for the book I’m reading right now, though it would be a tricky one.

I Hear a Symphony

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Another True Loves 3! This is about as close as we would ever get to a NSFW! Would you consider Not Safe For Work??

Here is a video by Jane Siberry. I was actually wanting to link to a video for Mimi on the Beach, but those ones had an “embedding disabled by request” which seems like such a hardship in this day and age. Whatever, I sure still enjoy these 20 year old Jane Sibbery songs.

In other news, I was catching up on this webcomic Bucko, drawn by Erika Moen, and it is quite entertaining! I should read more webcomics. This season of the L Word we’re watching is a lot more fun and entertaining than I recall the last season Manien and I watched. Tonight’s episode “Lez Girls” was so entertaining! The phone sequence at the start was out of control! And again the utube isn’t cooperating for me to link to it. Good night folks!

Kid Commandos

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

New True Loves 3 up today! I may just get another one up on Thursday also.

What has been happening? Brian did 140 songs in one year. They are about people on Twitter. Manien and I finished watching the first season of Rescue Me, which was quite entertaining. And discovered that Netflix has three seasons of the L Word that we hadn’t seen! A season of a man show, a season of a lady show!

For some reason I found myself drawing the Human Top from the Kid Commandos last week. Then that led to an urge to draw all the Invaders and the Kid Commandos, which I satisfied by drawing Bucky with some mostly naked guy.

The Human  Top


And if you’re still with me, this song came on my Sansa Clip as I walked home from work today and I quite liked it.

Gold Pants for the Win.

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Before I forget, new True Loves 3. Check it out! Completely un-Halloween related.

But I have been Hallweening it up. Had a great time on Saturday night hanging out with James and Susan. Even if we missed the actual Parade of Lost Souls, we did see the massive hoard of costumed people leaving it. And then hit a party which was also a good time.

My day job gets pretty into Halloween, which is great for me. Departments do elaborate group costumes and decorate their whole area. This year I won and got my department to do superheroes. Each person made up their own superhero and I decorated their cubicle to their theme. I did a drawing/poster of them as their superhero too…



Mustard Man


Super Crew

Super Pet Specialist

The Tea Totaller


We were beat out for the best group costume prize by a super extravagant Price is Right team. They even had a functioning Plinko game and dollar wheel! But I did get best individual costume. Yay me.

Mega-j in action!