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Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

I asked Manien what I should draw and she suggested something safari-like, with a giraffe or rhino. So I doodled this up.

Rhino 1

And then I was looking at recent flickr uploads and there happened to be a rhino on the first page of them! Their heads look WEIRD.

Rhino 2

Zing Zang Zoom

Friday, January 27th, 2012

A good night’s sleep last night, a sunny day today and I am full of pep. I walked halfway down the hill this morning and all the way back up at lunch all listening to Velvet Underground’s Sister Ray.

New True Loves 3 today!

What has been going on this week? I feel like I have been busy in my mind, but maybe not in a productive way. I finished reading the quite enjoyable book Machine Man by Max Barry. Read the excellent new issue of Pope Hats by Ethan Rilly. Went to the comic jam Saturday.

Manien and I have continued watching the X-Files. Lots of North Vancouver and the Lonsdale Quay area guest starring, as well as Kenneth Welsh (continuing the run of Twin Peaks actors appearing on it). Last night we watched another oddly hilarious episode War of the Coprophages, written by Darin Morgan who also wrote the psychic episode Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose. Hilarious but still spooky and somehow super jam packed.


Just today everyone on the internet was linking up this great new NSFW comic from cosmic comicker Patrick Farley. Always exciting to see something new from him, and it was the rare occasion I put my browser to full screen. The comic coincidentally has a strong resonance with that Terrence McKenna talk I linked to last week.

If that wasn’t hot enough for you, here is a comic of the kind of conversations Manien and I sometimes have when my brain is really roiling.


And here is a video of a song by the Cults, to celebrate the sunny day today. Also featuring ape persons.

15 Years is Quite a While

Friday, January 20th, 2012

At some point before Manien and I were married, Manien’s sister decided we should have an anniversary to celebrate how long we’ve been together. And that is today! Fifteen years! Look at us go. Look at us writing True Loves 3 together! New episode!

Here is a page from the tenth issue of my Vinegar Comic, which was about one of Manien and my first “dates”.


While drawing today’s True Loves 3, I was listening to some Nerdist. And some WTF. Also on Sunday Manien and I watched the really excellent movie by Miranda July “The Future.” So great and strange and sad. And last week I listened to Men Without Hats “Pop Goes the World” album, so this week I was linking to “On Tuesday” (on Tuesday) and in the youtube Related Videos was some Terrence McKenna talks. Which led me to this interesting talk about how psychedelic mushrooms led the apes to evolve towards big brains and consciousness.

A Song of Gold

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

New True Loves 3! New character!

Here is something that happened on the way home from work.

A Good Song

Here is another drawing of something random off flickr.

A Wall of Something

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

The strange things people post themselves doing on the internet.
And the people who draw them.

Wall of?

What I was wearing

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Sometimes the internet tells me to do things.

What I was wearing

Rainy Afternoon

Friday, January 6th, 2012

It is a rainy afternoon. I am home sick and not quite up to proper drawing, but am doing some noodling and doodling.

Here is another of my Fire Walk With Me drawings.

Special Agent Desmond

Here is a drawing I did from a photo I was looking at for reference on a story I’m doing.

Carrying a Deer

Here is a drawing I did from this photo. There sure is a lot of interesting stuff going on with a ship. Looking at that guy’s shoe suggests to me that the shoes in Popeye were historically accurate.

A Sailor

Also lately I have had some China Crisis on my mp3 player and have found it quite soothing in my dark moments. Then I wonder if people remember China Crisis? How would they sound to someone who didn’t have some nostalgic attachment to them? I just finished reading Bret Easton Ellis’ “Luna Park” and can’t help but wonder if I am sounding like Patrick Bateman waxing enthusiastically about Phil Collins and Whitney Houston.

Happy New Year

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

There is a balloon in the back yard. Where did that come from?

Brought in the new year in a pleasant style, having dinner at Josue‘s. He was mentioning how he redesigns his website each year. I am much too lazy to that. Then Manien and I braved the drunken hoards on the way home. The streets of North Vancouver at 10:30 on New Years Eve are an empty wasteland! We watched a bit of XFiles and took made a brief break in some Better off Ted to count down to midnight. That show’s zany energy was a perfect way to greet 2012.

Speaking of XFiles, it has been fun watching the first couple of seasons, seeing Vancouver of the early 90s. The Grouse Mountain/Mount Seymour mashup was a favourite. Also spotting the heavy Twin Peaks influences, including guest appearances by Michael Horse and Don Davis (as Sculley’s dad no less! Does that make her Bobby Brigg’s half brother?!). So here is another Fire Walk With Me drawing. What mysteries lay ahead in 2012?

Her Name is Lil

Also, Manien and I spent a couple of lovely days in Victoria. Hanging out, eating out, walking about. I tell ya, those downtown to downtown seaplanes are like a miracle. Here is a comic about a confusing thing that happened there.

December 28, 2011

December 28, 2011 ii