Post Stumptown Blues

Back from Stumptown. Home from work sick. Con colds!

I have posted some photos from the show over here. It was a good time. Didn’t really sell much, but the show was busy, the people were friendly. And since we ended up hanging out with some locals, we probably saw different parts of Portland than we might have otherwise. Shared a table with Dave, KC Green, Brian. Hung out and chatted with some awesome people like Evan Dahm, Graham Kahler, Dalton Webb, Toby Craig , Wes and Tony, Frank and Becky, Kate Beaton as well as people I see all the time in Vancouver like Angela, Mike, Brian, Jacqui, Jonathan, Jeff, and Ed.

You can see some pictures I took here. And Brian’s, which overlap quite a bit with mine but fill in some blanks where I only had horribly blurry shots.

Also I have added a few more people onto the Page 100 Project List!

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