Canzine and Stuff

Oh ha, I forgot to mention I was going to be at Canzine

It was fun being at this show and the Word on the Street where it is a little less of a comic crowd, so you see different folk. Also at both these locations I was able to say “There is a scene in True Loves that is set right across the street!” Also, at Canzine, after I chatted with people for a while, and then they sheepishly left without buying anything, they would say “Thank you” which I found kind of funny and endearing.

Later at the comic jam, Colin Upton put forth the question (as he periodically does) “How many comics have you done?” as we both have quite a few kicking around. And I know I have printed over 50 comics, but then it gets pretty murky as I have all this stuff that I have only ever put on the internet, and sometimes they are just one offs, or unfinished, or whatever, so how would I count them? Do the drunk comics count as one comic each? Or do they all count as one? Or do they not count at all? So I think I am giving up on the count.

In other news, the final comic of my YEAR 40 September comics is up. Read em all over here!

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