Top 40 Madness

Another project that I decided I wanted to do for my 40th birthday was to put together a compilation of great songs, with one from each year I have been alive – a TOP 40! So I culled through Billboard lists, and wikipedia lists and my own collection of music, trying to get it down to one song for each year. As I got into the 80s this became increasingly difficult as I was much more familiar and attached to the music, and I would have fifteen songs on my “shortlist.” So I decided I would make a TOP 40 Volume II, to accommodate some of the things I couldn’t quite fit on the first volume. Now as my birthday approaches rapidly and I actually start pulling together these compilations the reality of gathering and fine-tuning 80 songs is making my head spin!

Anyhow, the YEAR 40 Project continues. Here is a page I rather liked.


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