Three Days

Oh boy, only three days until TRUE LOVES 3! Excitement!

Also an exciting development is that you should soon be able to read True Loves on your iphone, ipad and isoforth. I will keep you appraised of the progress on the project.

I watched some really fine movies this past week. Easy A– great snappy high school comedy that stays smart and funny right to the end. Never Let Me Go – A low key British movie that starts off as a story about some kids at a boarding school, and then gradually reveals that it is a sort of science fiction movie, and then makes you sad. And the awesome Jack Goes Boating that Manien and I just watched last night, starring (and directed by!) the wonderful Philip Seymour Hoffman. It is what a romantic comedy should be, funny and sweet, not following the ridiculous formula of the “romcom.” Regular people trying to get together, working at it, seeing things aren’t always easy. I really really liked this movie.

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