Weekly Recap

Some weeks I just can’t bring myself to post something here. I am not sure why that is. I have busy drawing and doing this and that. There are two new True Loves 3 installments for you, here and here. I was stressed out about getting that second page drawn, as it introduced a new location, and four new characters, but it was just fine.

Did you know there is a True Loves group on Facebook? I have been posting the cast Manien and I imagined for a True Loves movie. Why not go join that group?

While I was drawing I was listening to interview/podcast things, as I have been doing lately. From Boingboing, I discovered the Nerdist podcast and listened to some very entertaining chats including the ones with Nathan Fillion and Wil Wheaton. The Wil Wheaton one was especially funny, as the one host had been pals with him for twenty years, so it sounded as fun and goofy as it would if I was sitting around chatting with my friends I’ve known for 20 or more years.

Also last weekend when I wasn’t drawing I was catching up on Gingerbread Girl, which I was enjoying for its winding digressing approach. And on Saturday I wasn’t drawing and I was at the Vancouver Comic Jam. And and I was enjoying the second season of Supernatural, and some Freaks and Geeks my brother was nice enough to send me. And I drew another bird comic.

Big Birds


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