Better Late than Never

I have a sense the updating is going to be a little rough over the next month, but for today, here is a new True Loves 3 for you! Hopefully I will be able to get another installment done this week, but it might be tight, as I am busy getting comics printed for TCAF. And then I will be in Ontario for a week before TCAF. So, yeah, things may be spotty for next while. Speaking of TCAF, Ed made the official announcement that this is going to be his last convention for New Reliable. It is too bad, but he has a lot of writing and freelancing projects that he wants to focus on.

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    […] the ensuing years, Brisson has published three volumes of the You Ain’t No Dancer anthology, Jason Turner’s True Loves, Simon Roy’s Jan’s Atomic Heart, KC Green’s Horribleville, and the crime […]

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