My Beautiful Book

Finally some new True Loves 3 for you!

I would have scanned some sketches I did on the weekend, for another project I’m working on, but I managed to forget my sketchbook at the jam Saturday night. A friendly fellow jammer took care of it, but in the meantime I feel strange and naked without it!

So instead, here is a picture of me with a book I bought a while ago. I had read an article about this restaurant NOMA which was voted best in the world last year I think, and it sounded neat, and the chef is all into using native grasses and mosses and ingredients. I saw the book in Guelph back in May, and kept thinking I would like to own it. It has lovely different coloured papers, a fold-out map, gorgeous photos and recipes for the insane impossible to make food. Eventually I caved and ordered it online.


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