Great Dudes of Comics

Let’s see, what is new this week? New True Loves 3. Just one, because I had a busy weekend playing store, and jail, and pass the motorcycle and so forth. Retrofit comics reached their fundraising goal.

Things I listened to this week: WTF chat with Bobcat Goldthwait. Have you seen his movie World’s Greatest Dad? It is great. Robin Williams is good! Nerdist chat with Neil Gaiman. He just seems like such a great, smart, laid back guy, and in such a good place in his life. Similarly I enjoyed reading this interview with Grant Morrison, who also seems to buzz with smartness and creativity. I am quite looking forward to reading his Supergods book in a week or so.

And here is a drawing I did and threw some colour on.

Farm School

This morning Manien and I had a morning dance party to this song.

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