Slack Times

Oh I was a big old slacker on the weekend. And so I am just getting one True Loves 3 up this week. It can be tough, having the day job, feeling the life drained out of me, coming home, trying to summon up the strength to pick up that ink brush. Once I do it, I’m generally saved at that point. I feel myself come back to earth, come back to life. But getting that brush moving can be tough.

Oh that just reminded me that a few hours before the previous Beastie Boys video was making me laugh with tears, this WTF interview with Todd Hanson was making me cry other tears, as I inked. Whew. Heavy duty.

I wanted to write about re-reading Ronin on the weekend and all, but I am just not in the mood for blogging at this moment, so instead here is another very entertaining Beastie Boys video.

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