In the Background

Finally got another page of True Loves 3 done yesterday. I got really carried away drawing the backgrounds, using Google Street View to track Zander and True down the Victoria Drive. I was having a grand old time.

I read the first book of the Summit of the Gods, drawn by Jiro Taniguchi. His drawings are so great that at times I got that creeping feeling in my gut like if you look off a cliff. Right now I’m reading the Ghost in Love by Jonathan Carroll which is a strange and wonderful book of ghosts and dogs and love and memories. Last weekend we watched the movie Daydream Nation, which I thought was great. Beautiful, strange and quite funny.

My app-man Andrew has made a new comic store for the iphones and ipads, called Estoria. If you do comics and are interested in getting apped up, check it out and drop Andrew a line. He can set you up!

Here is a photo of the insides of the bathroom door that broke the other day. Manien fixed it today!

Inside the Door

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