Big Book Haul

Has it really been that long? Well I am back and busy back rolling with True Loves 3. As I coloured this, I listened to the Nerdists chat with Tom Wilson. He is quite an interesting, funny guy, a painter, and has a long history in standup. Not just Biff from Back to the Future!

What has been going on? I have been watching Stargate SG1 episodes and finding them really strangely enjoyable. It is a pleasure to see all the different types of stories they tease out of the concept, all the clever ways to do so within a limited budget, and all the different planets that look like North Van. Also News Radio is quite funny and kooky. Both these are shows I never watched much when they were on.

I had a nice afternoon yesterday hanging out with Josue. A beautiful afternoon to wander on Main Street. We went to Lucky’s and it was sure not one of those times I was having trouble finding anything to buy!

Comic Haul

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  1. Peter Says:

    Habibi is fantastic! It is hard to put down. Enjoy!

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