Free Phoenix

New True Loves 3 up today. I read a review yesterday of TL 1 and 2 that totally slammed the art. Said it was ugly and horrible and ruined the books. Wow! I hadn’t read such a negative review before. But I will survive.

What has been going on? Let’s see. Watching Rescue Me. Revisiting the Kids in the Hall, which are still hilarious all these years later. I finished reading Girl in Landscape by Jonathan Lethem and I really enjoyed it. Went to the Vancouver Comic Jam on Saturday and it was a good time and a good turnout.

Listened to this interesting Nerdist chat with Emma Caulfield in which she talks about all the interesting things she’s been creating. I twittered that she sounded like a neat lady and by golly she replied. (Follow me on Twitter @vinegar22)

emma tweet

I have been getting together this year’s iteration of the Mega-j costume for Halloween and at one point was cracking myself up imagining adding a protest sign to it, to commemorate the arrest (and release) of Phoenix Jones.

Free Phoenix

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