I Hear a Symphony

Another True Loves 3! This is about as close as we would ever get to a NSFW! Would you consider Not Safe For Work??

Here is a video by Jane Siberry. I was actually wanting to link to a video for Mimi on the Beach, but those ones had an “embedding disabled by request” which seems like such a hardship in this day and age. Whatever, I sure still enjoy these 20 year old Jane Sibbery songs.

In other news, I was catching up on this webcomic Bucko, drawn by Erika Moen, and it is quite entertaining! I should read more webcomics. This season of the L Word we’re watching is a lot more fun and entertaining than I recall the last season Manien and I watched. Tonight’s episode “Lez Girls” was so entertaining! The phone sequence at the start was out of control! And again the utube isn’t cooperating for me to link to it. Good night folks!

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