Dance Dance Dance

New True Loves 3! I think my birthday last week derailed my drawing a bit. And I am going to be in Ontario next week so that is going to throw the schedule off further. Maybe I should try to draw some travel comics while I’m there.

Also this past weekend there was a Christmas party. So I spent Saturday picking up my new suits (see below) and getting my first professional haircut in two years. So I was feeling all fancy. There was dancing at the party, and I had not been dancing anywhere except the living room (or the occasional Ed-tormenting dance at the comic jams) in ages. Many people don’t know this but I love to dance. My dancing is completely ridiculous but people enjoy it. It is not cool dancing at all, but it is fun. Older women wanted to dance with me, people stayed longer than they intended just to watch me dance. Seriously! So I danced for four hours or more, shut the party down, had the best time.

New Suit

Here are a couple of drawings I did of trucks. There are a lot of ridiculously large trucks in my neighbourhood, and I thought it would be great to draw dumb jokes about them.

Truck 1

Truck 2

And here is something I drew when I was feeling crabby and stressed.

A ghost

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