Folk of the 80s

New True Loves 3. I fret about things like, “I should use more black.” and “Are the fabric patterns too detailed for the rest of the panel?” “Does anything happen on this page?”

I was away in Ontario last week, and though I didn’t get a True Loves done, I did do this 10 page comic. An unexpected stay in Thunder Bay and a five hour flight home gave me the time to finish it up. I am not even sure where to post a comic like this any more. I guess I could put it on webcomicsnation with my other autobiographical things like the YEAR 40. I also have the unusual desire to print it up as a mini comic.

The other day at my day job there was a day that encouraged everyone to dress up in 80s outfits. And the 80s having been a formative period for me, I couldn’t help but wonder what people who are 20 years old think of when they say “I love 80s music!” I mean, Men Without Hats’ “Rhythm of Youth” was the first album I ever bought (on vinyl). I loved all the Duran Durans, Thompson Twins, the Yaz and the Alphaville and the Flocks of Seagulls. But I also loved the Talking Heads, the Cures, the Kate Bushes. Not to mention the Tom Waits, the Nick Caves and the Butthole Surfers. I guess it gave me an excuse to appreciate that there is never just one thing going on in any given time, regardless of what the primary narrative later becomes.

Here is my homemade Frankie Says tshirt.
Frankie Say Homemade

This video makes me sad that I missed the Men Without Hats when they were in town earlier this year.

This video makes me love videos. Love the 80s. Anyone who makes sweeping dismissals of a decade is dumb.

This video reminds me of the summer of 1991, listening to CFNY’s top 1002 Songs of ALL TIME. And this was number one.

And Nick Cave.

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