Ends of Eras

I read that this mall in Nanaimo was closing soon, and got fixated on its name Cyber City. All weekend I joked to Manien that I was a robot, trying to make my way back to Cyber City, where the robots come from. When we were making xmas decorations with the niece and nephews I made a robot decoration somewhat like the drawing below.

As it turns out, Cyber City was an “adventure centre” with lazer tag, go karts and a pretty deluxe space themed mini golf course. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to play a game.

Take me Down to Cyber City

Then today I was walking up the hill and saw that the condo builders have finally put it to Schlockbuster, and they will be closing at the end of December. Sad to see them go, as I was a regular since they opened six or seven years ago. Here is a drawing from Fire Walk with Me, a movie I rented from Schlockbuster recently.

Carl Rodd

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