Happy New Year

There is a balloon in the back yard. Where did that come from?

Brought in the new year in a pleasant style, having dinner at Josue‘s. He was mentioning how he redesigns his website each year. I am much too lazy to that. Then Manien and I braved the drunken hoards on the way home. The streets of North Vancouver at 10:30 on New Years Eve are an empty wasteland! We watched a bit of XFiles and took made a brief break in some Better off Ted to count down to midnight. That show’s zany energy was a perfect way to greet 2012.

Speaking of XFiles, it has been fun watching the first couple of seasons, seeing Vancouver of the early 90s. The Grouse Mountain/Mount Seymour mashup was a favourite. Also spotting the heavy Twin Peaks influences, including guest appearances by Michael Horse and Don Davis (as Sculley’s dad no less! Does that make her Bobby Brigg’s half brother?!). So here is another Fire Walk With Me drawing. What mysteries lay ahead in 2012?

Her Name is Lil

Also, Manien and I spent a couple of lovely days in Victoria. Hanging out, eating out, walking about. I tell ya, those downtown to downtown seaplanes are like a miracle. Here is a comic about a confusing thing that happened there.

December 28, 2011

December 28, 2011 ii

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