Rainy Afternoon

It is a rainy afternoon. I am home sick and not quite up to proper drawing, but am doing some noodling and doodling.

Here is another of my Fire Walk With Me drawings.

Special Agent Desmond

Here is a drawing I did from a photo I was looking at for reference on a story I’m doing.

Carrying a Deer

Here is a drawing I did from this photo. There sure is a lot of interesting stuff going on with a ship. Looking at that guy’s shoe suggests to me that the shoes in Popeye were historically accurate.

A Sailor

Also lately I have had some China Crisis on my mp3 player and have found it quite soothing in my dark moments. Then I wonder if people remember China Crisis? How would they sound to someone who didn’t have some nostalgic attachment to them? I just finished reading Bret Easton Ellis’ “Luna Park” and can’t help but wonder if I am sounding like Patrick Bateman waxing enthusiastically about Phil Collins and Whitney Houston.

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