15 Years is Quite a While

At some point before Manien and I were married, Manien’s sister decided we should have an anniversary to celebrate how long we’ve been together. And that is today! Fifteen years! Look at us go. Look at us writing True Loves 3 together! New episode!

Here is a page from the tenth issue of my Vinegar Comic, which was about one of Manien and my first “dates”.


While drawing today’s True Loves 3, I was listening to some Nerdist. And some WTF. Also on Sunday Manien and I watched the really excellent movie by Miranda July “The Future.” So great and strange and sad. And last week I listened to Men Without Hats “Pop Goes the World” album, so this week I was linking to “On Tuesday” (on Tuesday) and in the youtube Related Videos was some Terrence McKenna talks. Which led me to this interesting talk about how psychedelic mushrooms led the apes to evolve towards big brains and consciousness.

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