Zing Zang Zoom

A good night’s sleep last night, a sunny day today and I am full of pep. I walked halfway down the hill this morning and all the way back up at lunch all listening to Velvet Underground’s Sister Ray.

New True Loves 3 today!

What has been going on this week? I feel like I have been busy in my mind, but maybe not in a productive way. I finished reading the quite enjoyable book Machine Man by Max Barry. Read the excellent new issue of Pope Hats by Ethan Rilly. Went to the comic jam Saturday.

Manien and I have continued watching the X-Files. Lots of North Vancouver and the Lonsdale Quay area guest starring, as well as Kenneth Welsh (continuing the run of Twin Peaks actors appearing on it). Last night we watched another oddly hilarious episode War of the Coprophages, written by Darin Morgan who also wrote the psychic episode Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose. Hilarious but still spooky and somehow super jam packed.


Just today everyone on the internet was linking up this great new NSFW comic from cosmic comicker Patrick Farley. Always exciting to see something new from him, and it was the rare occasion I put my browser to full screen. The comic coincidentally has a strong resonance with that Terrence McKenna talk I linked to last week.

If that wasn’t hot enough for you, here is a comic of the kind of conversations Manien and I sometimes have when my brain is really roiling.


And here is a video of a song by the Cults, to celebrate the sunny day today. Also featuring ape persons.

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