Drawings and Comics and so forth

There was this window this week where it was sunny and I slept well and I could really get down to business. On the weekend there was celebration and lazing. I started reading the Journal of Dora Damage by Belinda Starling. It was one of those books that just grabbed me and I read it all day Sunday and finished it a couple of days later. Quite enjoyable. But then in the afterword it said that the author died just after she finished writing it! And it was the only book she wrote! Sad.

But anyways, as I say, business. Drawing. New True Loves 3.

I have been gradually catching up on my podcasts from the past couple of months. I quite enjoyed the Josh Blue, Russell Brand and Bert Kreisher episodes of WTF. I’m sure there were many other things I enjoyed in there. Lots of XFiles and Better Off Ted and Community. The L-Word and some Darjeeling Limited.

And I have been trying to finish off this sketchbook, so here are some drawings. I have been enjoying finding random photos on flickr and trying to draw them.


An Office


I went to the bank (by myself).

Bank Visit


And here is a creepy ol’ video for Die Antwoord’s latest. It is freaky, but I find it catchy!

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