Drawings of the Weekend

So, I was ehem watching Breaking Dawn part 1. which felt a lot less rushed, much like the first part of the Harry Potter that they split in half. But one scene that jumped out at me was where the werewolf pack, in human form, were hanging out at a beach. And I thought when do you ever see a scene in a movie with a large group of only First Nation people hanging out? You don’t.


Here are some drawings I’ve done this weekend. I asked the internet what to draw and one person said seagullz and one said hands and so I drew this.

Seagull with Hands

The internet also suggested drawing cars, so I drew the Mazda 3. I am not a car person and don’t drive, but as I walk up and down the hill recently I have been getting really fixated on a slightly different new look I’m seeing in the cars. This week I got really particularly focused on the Mazda 3’s abundance of extra swooshes.

Obsessive Car Lines

It was a rainy morning and I drew the backyard.

Rainy Backyard

And then noticed there was a monster in the garden.

Backyard Monster

Finally, I got around to colouring this drawing of Jacques Renault at the Pink Room from back when I rewatched Fire Walk with Me.

Jacques Renault at the Pink Room

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