Wild in the City

No new comics this week. I am getting pretty stoked about Halloween though, and some of the drawings below are related to that.

I have been inking a good bit the past couple of nights and listened to some really good podcast chats.
You Made it Weird talking to Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick which included some interesting background, Chris’ views on stuff and goofy voices.
And then the Nerdist in turn talking to Joseph Gordon Levitt (who I have had a giant soft spot since Brick and Mysterious Skin). The deal was sealed for me when JGL dropped a casual “magic missile” into something he was saying. He used to play D&D! And not in a “this was a dorky thing I used to do” way, it was in a “this is a great thing people don’t understand. It is like acting, developing a character, figuring out where they came from, who their parents were…” way. And he just seemed like kind of an awesome guy.
And then the WTF chat with COOP. Marc Maron had me before the interview even started, shouting ART IS IMPORTANT. And Coop was a fascinating guy with great ideas. Deep into his culture. And echoed ideas I have had about the mystery of creating things.

I was listening to some more of those videos about Nick Cave albums last night (The Firstborn is Dead in this case) and drew a few more people.

Bad Seeds 04

And then I got looking at these fascinating Charles Freger photos of traditional ceremonial Wilder Mann costumes, which are going to be a strong influence on my Halloween costume.





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  1. The Jason Turner Project Says:

    […] out wearing a fur suit makes one quite warm. My costume was inspired by those Wilder Mann photos I was drawing early in October. My costume confused people all day […]

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