The Drains

New True Loves 3. We are now in an unusual state where I have drawn well ahead of where the online comic is at. I am really trying to motor on this. For a moment when I checked the post this morning I was confused as to whether that was the right comic up or not. Wait have coming events happened yet?

My comic Farm School from Retrofit is still up for pre-order. I was thinking how this band A Silver Mount Zion was somehow integral to the initial mood that informed the story.

Here is a drawing my cousin found in an old scrapbook. I did it around 1981 when I was deep in my obsession with the Robert Altman Popeye movie. Then I did a quick drawing to see if I remembered how to draw Olive Oyl.

Olive 1981

Olive 2013

Last weekend in the night someone took the caps off two drains beside our house. Manien and I pondered why someone would do this. I had my suspicions…


As Farm School is about to be released, and I close in on the end of True Loves 3, I try not to get ahead of myself, but I do start thinking about other stories I want to get to eventually.

Fir Canyon

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