Time Lapse Morning

I seem to have time lapse/stop motion matters in my head this morning.

A month ago or so, Manien found a big two pronged carrot in the garden that we had no idea was there. She wanted to take a picture of it and left it outside on a ledge. But then time went on she never got around to it and I wished I had taken a daily photo of it! The slugs quite enjoyed it, and dug holes (I imagined them having James and the Giant Peach style adventures inside). Some days the carrot was fairly covered with slugs. And then riddled with holes. It has dried out some, and now seems to entice the woodbugs, and each morning they are crawling madly over it.

You ever have ideas and think “Shit could I actually draw that?” This morning I had an idea for a character “unstuck in time” passing through a comic, but it would likely work better if someone like say Frank Quitely drew it.

These things got the time-lapse music from a Zed and Two Noughts in my head.
Which got the Cook, the Thief… music in my head, imagining an slow march down the hall at :totem1: with that music adding gravity to the proceedings.

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