I am a Canadian cartoonist, living in Vancouver. I was born in Manitoba and spent formative years in southern Ontario. In high school I printed my first comic, the Roadhouse Stickler and over the next ten years or so I drew and printed up some fifty minicomics. Around the year 2000 I started posting comics on the internet.

One of the comics I started putting on the internet was True Loves, a funny Vancouver love story I wrote together with my wife Manien. The first two books of it were published by New Reliable Press, who have since ceased publishing. The third book was self published in 2013. Buy them here.

I have also had stories in various anthologies, and for five years I had a column in Broken Pencil called Jason and the Comics: A Column about Comics in Comic Form.

If you need to contact me… jasonturner at jasonturnerproject dot com

You can also find me on the internet on