Post Halloween Blues

November 8th, 2013

New True Loves 3 is up! Second last one. I have been thinking that I should really get the first True Loves back online. But that would mean I would have to recolour that, as my files got lost between Serializer collapsing and changing computers and so on. I think I may have them on a floppy somewhere.

Halloween took up a lot of my time last week. I decided to dress as an old time-y deep sea diver to go with the “under the sea” theme of my department at my dayjob. So I spent a fair bit of time paper mache-ing my helmet. I hadn’t done any paper mache in years, and the only flour I had on hand was self-rising which was maybe not the best, and I hung the large paper mache’d balloon which maybe put strain on it. Anyways, it was fun, and it came out brighter and cheerier than originally envisioned, but that fit with the cheery decorations at the office.

An unplanned for effect was how hard it was to hear and be heard with the helmet on, and I didn’t construct it very well to balance on my head. So I ended up not wearing it that much. Take note, Jason 2014! Anyways, between getting my costume ready and getting the department together at work, I was quite worn out. It takes energy to make these things take shape.

Here are some pictures of the production.

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013

I enjoyed my purple jumpsuit and liked to bust out my secret simple costume: Challengers of the Unknown!

Halloween 2013

And finally I did another blue elf drawing. Here he is a bit more serious.

Die Blou Kabouter03


October 25th, 2013

New True Loves 3 is up. Almost to the end now. As always, you should go buy things in the store. Go buy all of True Loves, why not?

On the weekend my older brother was in town, and my younger brother came over and we all hung around with Manien all weekend. We did lots of stuff, going to a movie, for walks, hikes, and drinks. Played Carcassonne. It was a great time.

On Sunday we all headed out to Deep Cove for the Bio/Graphic autobiographical comic art show. I was part of a panel discussion with Colin Upton and Sarah Leavitt. It was interesting to chat about the differences of our comic lives and approaches to drawing and so on. I should have gotten a photo of the panel! Then there was a reception afterwards. And then my posse and I went for a stroll. I am going to have draw some of those crazy steep houses of Deep Cove! Here are a couple of photos.

Seymour Art Gallery

Seymour Art Gallery Reception

Here is picture from a hike on the Lynn Headwater trails. It was ridiculously beautiful.

Lynn Headwater

Mid October

October 17th, 2013

Okay. What is happening? Let’s see.

New True Loves 3 is up. Ever closer to the end. This weekend is the Bio/Graphic art show reception and panel discussion on Sunday in Deep Cove. The show is on for the next month, so if you are feeling like an adventure into the wilds of the north shore, check it out.

Bio Graphic

I read the second part of Patrick Farley’s Steve and Steve. Quite enjoyed it. I’m rereading Scott Pilgrim and in addition to being an absolute delight, it captures being young and living in the Annex in Toronto so well.

I have pencilled a few pages of my new comic The Adulation. I guess at some point I will have to figure out what to do with it. I have been trying to do a warm up drawing to get myself rolling here are a couple. The first one is a house I saw in Lynn Valley a while back. The second one is from this crazy page of Google Street View pictures.

North Vancouver House 9


Sunny October

October 11th, 2013

Wow look at all this sunny weather for October in Vancouver.

New True Loves 3 is up. Oh also, this art show of autobiographical comics that I am in opened up this week. There are some photos of the show here, if you are on the Book of Face. There is also a reception October 20, and Colin Upton and I will be having a panel discussion that day as well.

Here are some drawings. North Vancouver townhouse. Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips. And an awesome dude driving a garbage truck listening to Rocket Man.

North Vancouver House 8

Wayne Coyne

Garbage Truck Rocket Man

The Adulation

October 9th, 2013

Oh I haven’t posted here for a couple of weeks! I was going to wait until Thursday for the weekly True Loves 3 update, but then I finally started laying actual pencil to actual paper on my next comic today so I thought I would post these things before I go get supper started. Hey we’re having corn on the cob, just like in last week’s True Loves 3.

I also got together Vinegar 36. It is all the autobiographical comics I drew this summer since finishing TL3, and it is subtitled Finishing True Loves. You can buy it over in the store. 36 pages of comicky goodness with fruit flies, dancing, getting lost in time and more.

Hm. I was going to post some drawings, but flickr is being a jerk. FINE.

So the comic I started drawing is one that has been in my head for ages. I was originally going to draw it between True Loves 1 and 2! But I still feel like I want to draw it, so here we go. Here are some songs that I was considering using on the first page of the comic, which will it be?

The Music of Comics

September 20th, 2013

There is a new True Loves 3 up. We are nearing the end of the online True Loves. Why not go buy the book? I was going through old boxes and came across the original notes Manien and I made when we conceived of the comic. Interesting to see what made it into the final books. Maybe I will scan those when the book is finished online. Or when I don’t have anything else to post with my weekly update here. Not like this week…

I am going to be at Word on the Street on September 29. Come buy stuff. Apparently the comics people are going to be up the surface this year, so hopefully it will be nice weather.

I follow Welcome to Twin Peaks on Tumblr, and they are having a character homage week, starting with Phillip Jeffries, the elusive character played by David Bowie in Fire Walk with Me. So I drew him.

Phillip Jeffries

And it was so much fun, I thought I would draw him some off on an FBI mission in some kind of exotic bar.

Phillip Jeffries 02

Which is actually from this, with Jeffries dropped in.

As I walk around listening to music the past couple of weeks, I have been trying to find music that would fit the mood for a comic I’m hoping to do next year. When I was thinking up Farm School, I found A Silver Mount Zion was good for getting my mind in the right place. The past few days I finally hit some songs that are in the right direction for my Fir Valley project. Here are a few

Van Vacation

September 13th, 2013

There is a new True Loves 3 up today. Why wasn’t there one last week?

Last week I was on vacation. The Beautiful Manien and I took a week off to hang out together. It was delightful. We made a point of going out and doing different things each day. Not packing in all kinds of crazy stuff, but just getting out somewhere we don’t usually get to. It made the week feel varied and full. What a treat.

One thing we did was have a Caribbean themed day. Caribbean inspired food made with things we had on hand. Raspberry rum drinks. There was even a Caribbean cop movie starring Denzel Washington on netflix!

Caribbean Day 01

Our menu.

Caribbean Day 02

My costume for the day “beach bum tourist”.

Caribbean Day 03

Lunch was spicy grilled tuna and zucchini from the garden.

Caribbean Day 05

Dinner was jerked chicken and spiced corn on the cob.

Caribbean Day 04

Happy vacationeers.

Another day we went over to Lynn Headwaters to have a picnic on the river in the woods. All this forest and nature is so close to us.

Lynn Canyon 03

Lynn Canyon 02

Lynn Canyon 01

September 1st, 2013

Oops, I didn’t do my weekly reminder of True Loves 3 being up.

Last weekend I was playing with my niece and nephew all weekend and afterwards I was thinking how weird it is that it is only acceptable for adults play in very specific ways. Jogging is okay, but galloping? Who is that weirdo? Climbing mountains is okay, but climbing a tree? Dancing in a club is okay, but dancing in the street? We need to play more.

I drew some more North Vancouver houses. I need to figure out how to represent steepness.

North Van 05

North Van 06

North Van 07

Time Travel

August 22nd, 2013

There is a new True Loves 3, with one of my favourite lines in the book. It still cracks me up every time. Don’t forget that you can buy the book, and more, over in the store.

I did push ahead and finish Gold Card. After I finished it, I realized that back in 2007 when I drew the first part I was still at my previous dayjob. And so the parking lot is inspired by the parking lot there. But then when they go inside, in the part I drew this week, it inspired by the office I currently work in. Secret time travel/teleportation!

Here is a comic about the noises from our neighbours.

Neighbour Sounds

Another North Van house.

North Van 4

A house that isn’t in North Van, but Manien and I would live there.

Lake House

The Mean Streets of North Vancouver

August 16th, 2013

New True Loves 3 is up. Big important moment. Don’t forget you can buy things over here in the store.

What else? Not too much. My desk is a mess. Just got the new Broken Pencil, which has my column Jason and the Comics in it. The current one is about finishing True Loves. It is possible that I felt compelled to work on this comic from 2007 that I never finished.

Did I mention buying John Campbell’s interesting comic about his DMT experiences? I quite enjoyed it and it is available for “pay what you want”.

This week I was doing some drawings of houses in North Vancouver, using Google Street View. It just may be helping me work up to a project I want to do at some point.

North Van 1

North Van 2

North Van 3