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Me Wilder Mann

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Halloween comes and goes. I didn’t get up to too much more than getting together my costume to wear at the dayjob. It turns out wearing a fur suit makes one quite warm. My costume was inspired by those Wilder Mann photos I was drawing early in October. My costume confused people all day long!

Me Wilder Mann 1

Me Wilder Mann 2

Me Wilder Mann 3

My department decided on a theme of “Scary Forest” (downgraded from the more evocative Haunted Forest). The decor included trees made from cut up brown paper bags, and a whole pile of branches from my back yard. It looked better in person, of course.

Scary Forest

Gold Pants for the Win.

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Before I forget, new True Loves 3. Check it out! Completely un-Halloween related.

But I have been Hallweening it up. Had a great time on Saturday night hanging out with James and Susan. Even if we missed the actual Parade of Lost Souls, we did see the massive hoard of costumed people leaving it. And then hit a party which was also a good time.

My day job gets pretty into Halloween, which is great for me. Departments do elaborate group costumes and decorate their whole area. This year I won and got my department to do superheroes. Each person made up their own superhero and I decorated their cubicle to their theme. I did a drawing/poster of them as their superhero too…



Mustard Man


Super Crew

Super Pet Specialist

The Tea Totaller


We were beat out for the best group costume prize by a super extravagant Price is Right team. They even had a functioning Plinko game and dollar wheel! But I did get best individual costume. Yay me.

Mega-j in action!