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Back in May 2002, I found myself taking transit home from work, and feeling that I could use the half hour each day productively for some kind of comic project. I wanted something I could draw a few panels of each day on the transit, and then post to the site. I didn't have any new ideas but did have an old one nagging at me. It involved a couple of characters I've had rolling around unused (except for three pages at the end of Two Feet Gone number one) for over five years.

It also involved breaking a day down into great detail. This notion was inspired by Alan Hunt's Maciek and Fiona comic that ran in the Exclaim! paper for several years, following a turbulent couple through a long day. Also by James Joyce's Ulysses.

The story in my head actually took place later in the day, but I thought I could use this opportunity to do a prelude to it, testing out some stream of consciousness ideas I had. I'm still not sure if it was effective or in any way involving to read, but it was an enjoyable exercise and gave me somewhere to further play with colouring. Production slowed down dramatically when the Beautiful Manien and I moved in June, making my trip home from work much shorter. But eventually the little sequence pulled in to its finish.

Jason Turner
August 4, 2002

What about

We move ahead almost three years to February 2005, and I found myself back in Vancouver. Through the magic of the internet, I got caught up in the excitement and joined a daily comic competition, the Daily Grind Ironman Challenge. By the rules of the competition, I needed to post some kind of comic on my site every weekday. And since I had considered continuing the Blue Saga many times in the ensuing years, it seemed the perfect opportunity to get back to it. Something I could easily jump right in with, and continue as the mood struck me.

The only barrier early on was getting some reference photos, as I was no longer in Toronto to take them myself. Yes, the alley is definitely a particular alley in Toronto, in an area I used to live in. No I did not live in a basement apartment there.

Jason Turner
June 4, 2005

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