Here are comics from my old site that I drew in various states of inebriation. Generally they were coloured days or weeks later.

I don't make any claims that they are high quality or tasteful, but I have a fondness for them.

Vancouver 2005
superskrull has lunch 12/29/05

Toronto 2003
The Backstabbers Comic 10/19/03
babe i'm on fire 06/23/03

Vancouver Fall/Winter 2001
mr. healthy 10/20/01
the floor 10/15/01
thirty 10/13/01
foofah! 9/30/01
the time bandit 9/21/01
banana 9/17/01

The Really Old Ones - Vancouver Summer 2001
making billy cry 8/3/01
mexican hat revisited 8/30/01
matey crackup 8/30/01
prima red paul 8/3/01
four 7/4/01
sleeman's beautiful lovesong 6/29/01
okay beer mission 6/12/01
a drunk whale comic 6/09/01
a quebec beer induced comic 5/18/01